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I want to look like a man but i realize as a biological female that will never be possible but i can still try. click here to learn about the men i cross dress as

my pronouns are poo/pee. here are things wrong with us: DID, tourettes, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, BPD, ADHD, OCD, ABCD, autism, body dysmorphia, pubic hair, schizophrenia, transgender. oh and aids...

our alters are: ashley (this one is me typing right now) (she/her, age 16, underage) xXDerrickDaBeastXx (he/him, age 16) Taz (gay, homosexual, twink, age 24 unless his aids catches up to him) Barry (he/him, sexually opened, age 40-58) Linda (she/her, sexually very opened stretched wide built for bbc, age 37-49)

LEGAL NOTICE: if you masturbate to one of us you must depict all alters as 18+ or 14+ in Mexico

AVISO LEGAL: si te masturbas con uno de nosotros debes representar todos los alters como 18+ o 14+ en Mexico


Disclaimer: All content on this page is purely satire. This is a fictional character who is made for comedic purposes.
Welcome to HELL


I am your worst enemy.... My name is derrick but you can call me by my gamer tag xXDerrick_Da_BeastXx. Im 16 and im a softmore in high school. I am one of the best DOOM players to exist and I love the the struggles of the enemies feeling my wrath when i blow their brains out and all across the floor. My enemies dont know my crazy dark and twisted side. Hahaha one day they will find out... if only they knew that I collect guns maybe then they would back off. I also have a cool trench coat and do a lot of knife trickz but i cut my fucking fingers a lot on askadent. No I dont cut myself on purpose though. I also fucking hate my mom because she wont let me play games she just wants me to help her with a bunch of shit. Yeah she is one of the first on my list.

My mom doesnt work but she is gone a lot. She touches my dick alot but i dont like it because i want hot chicks that arent her. She told me she would stop when i turned 10 but now im 16 and she still does it. She wants to make sure i am a real man and shoot white stuff but i dont even know what that is. I will show her im a real man with Mr. Killer. Thats the name of my gun. Also besides that i like hot blonde babes with big tits so if you also like me in my pic then you can message me.

Oh yeah I also like to wear skirts and i even wear them to school. They allow for optimal movement in your legs if you want to do things like run, parkour, kick, attack, sneak attacks, because your legs arent resticted by tight jeans. My favorite skirt is grey and light grey stripes.

Also here is me getting strapped down in runescape by hot babes and after this we even had an orgy and i fucked them all

I want to be a famous killer or famous streamer who plays DOOM. I will stream me playing DOOM sometimes if my mom pays the internet bill.

Also I love Adam Lanza because he is one of my heros. He shot up 20 kids in a school in under 5 minutes. He was also molested like me because according to recently released documents he was raped repeatedly by doctors and his parents knowingly allowed it. So yeah

Also Adam Lanza has some really good life hacks like this is his room and he taped trash bags over the windows to keep the light out. I actually tried this for myself and it works really well. Adam Lanza has been a net positive in my life. I dont get headaches anymore when i sleep during the daytime because the dark trashbags keep out all the light. I think sometimes i might be part vamp or something

Heres me doing ahigow face