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I want to look like a man but i realize as a biological female that will never be possible but i can still try. click here to learn about the men i cross dress as

my pronouns are poo/pee. here are things wrong with us: DID, tourettes, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, BPD, ADHD, OCD, ABCD, autism, body dysmorphia, pubic hair, schizophrenia, transgender. oh and aids...

our alters are: ashley (this one is me typing right now) (she/her, age 16, underage) xXDerrickDaBeastXx (he/him, age 16) Taz (gay, homosexual, twink, age 24 unless his aids catches up to him) Barry (he/him, sexually opened, age 40-58) Linda (she/her, sexually very opened stretched wide built for bbc, age 37-49)

LEGAL NOTICE: if you masturbate to one of us you must depict all alters as 18+ or 14+ in Mexico

AVISO LEGAL: si te masturbas con uno de nosotros debes representar todos los alters como 18+ o 14+ en Mexico


Thanks to the major shift in cultural perception on jokes, I must give the following disclaimer, because apparently people don't get jokes anymore:

This website and my jokes are satire (except for my Manifesto, dream journal, Occult research, technology advice, and proposed laws, in which those are my actual beliefs, but my opinions are of my own and I would never advocate for violence or hate -- I being 100% honest with that).

I do not advocate for violence, hateful actions or threats. I simply make jokes, but that is all it is: jokes. There is NO alterier motive to my website/content other than to make people laugh. I mean no harm. I am not an extremist. I am not apart of the "far right", as the left and right are the equivilent of football teams used to distract us that the powers that be (called the elite) all work in succession with each other. Though you may think there are different sides to choose from, such as the left and the right, in the end the agenda will always move forward according to the elite's plan. Sides are just a false choice we are presented. Give the sheeple fake teams and they will pick and identify with the team. They are then not able to consume information that opposes their teams views.

I am also not a white supremicist. They can't accept me because I'm Mexican. Also I don't believe whites are superior when they didnt event the following: tacos, pizza, enchiladas, mazarella sticks, grilled cheese. Also a lot of white men have cut penises (gross!) The elite also like to label people like me who see the truth and makes edgy jokes in the "current year" as racist. Anyone who thinks outside of the preapproved box is labels a far right conspiracy theoriest white supermisict. Even though I am none of those things. The left and the right are fake sides, all politicians are reptilians, the term conspiracy theory was created by the government when people started questioning the JFK story in the 60's

I just search for the TRUTH, and it's not possible for me to be a white supremicist when I'm Mexican. Race is just another division tactic used by the elite to divide the sheeple so they don't look into the real problem - THE ELITE. In our short life here on this reality known as Earth, I suppose you can immerse yourself in race issues. However, you will be stunting your growth in other areas. You won't grow very much spiritually if you're caught up in skin color. Skin color is just another team for you to pick and fight over so you won't look into more important issues. I'm not necessarily saying that there aren't racial differences - of course there are. Asians are smart, Mexicans cook good food, black people have big juicy penises, and white people love star wars. However, I believe a lot of the issues are more cultural and economical rather than racial. Even if you believe race is a huge issue, it's a small issue in terms of your consciousness. Once you perish from this reptilian reality, you will have much larger issues to face. When you're in the "after life" the last thing you will be thinking about is race, becuase you will discover that your body is simply a cage for your spirit. Your spirit is made up of energy, not a skin color.

Look into people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE) or out of body experiences. This isn't a simple brain malfunction. People who have been pronounced dead for many minutes, even up to 30 minutes, have gone to an afterlife. The people who have experienced NDEs can even identify what doctor's thoughts were as the patient was pronounced dead. They can identify what family members in a different room were doing and saying when the patient was dead. Definitely a lot more than some brain malfunction during death. Outside of the body you realize the power you hold and how much more powerful love and hate is than we can perviece in our physical bodyies on Earth. Hatred is a tactic used by the elite (who I consider to be demonic, evil entities). Anyways, stop picking teams and sides, whether it's racial, political, or a sexual team. They are always used to control you. When you're on a team, you can't see outside of your team's views. Consume information as it comes to you and make your decisions based on each piece of information you come across. There are sexual, economical, and racial differences, and it's funny to poke at our differences, but it by no means makes me a racist. Love is a higher vibrational frequency and hate is a low vibrational frequency - measurable. The elite literally feed off of human's low vibrational frequency, which is why they manufacture problems among us sheeple. Example? Make the humans mad at each other. Wether this is done through political theater, sports teams, or social ripplings, it's all manufactured to keep us thinking about each day's events rather than growing outselves and seeking truth, that there is much more beyond this Earth and our physical reality here.

Also, we're starting to see that the elite are now labeling jokes, such as the ones I make, as an attack. They say that edgy jokes have an alterier motive. Not true. I dress up as a 43 year old pedophilic male who wants to molest tight boy anus, but I have ZERO desire to molest children. Stop letting the elite do your thinking for you. They literally just feed you information they want you to think. That is called mind control. Use your own judgement. If I actually was a far-right dangerous white superemecist, it would be FAR more effective to say I was and promote a far-right white supremecist message. However, I know that those are all team based distractions given to us, and that the real problem is the few elite that control the many sheeple. Again, I am not dangerous. I do not believe in violence or hatred. I simply make jokes and that's all it is: jokes. If you want to learn more about how the elite are controlling you right now, read my manifesto. The solution is not violence, you are just feeding into the loosh negative energy harvesting. If you are a govvernment agent reading this: No. I will not be coopted to use my views for violence. It is possible for a person to have opinions and views and not to be dangerous or hateful.

Just remember, those of you who abide by team based thinking, Donald Trump and Clinton, Biden, alike were all photographed and had connections to Jefferey Epstein. You think these politicians are actually independant? They're all in the same bed -- with kids.

I am not dangerous, do not adovcate for violence. I simply am sharing information based off of my research, and I provide WHY I am presenting information to you. My intent is not to harm anyone. In fact, I want to help people.

I make jokes of people from all races, all sexualities, and all personality types in my satiracle videos. I still may criticize what certain individuals, people, groups, and corporations, but it does not mean I dislike or hate a particular group. It also does not mean that you must agree with my opinions. Plus, I do not hold any issues with the people in which I may make jokes about in my satire videos. I'm amazed that it's lost on some people that a joke is the opposite of being serious. What retards