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I want to look like a man but i realize as a biological female that will never be possible but i can still try. click here to learn about the men i cross dress as

my pronouns are poo/pee. here are things wrong with us: DID, tourettes, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, BPD, ADHD, OCD, ABCD, autism, body dysmorphia, pubic hair, schizophrenia, transgender. oh and aids...

our alters are: ashley (this one is me typing right now) (she/her, age 16, underage) xXDerrickDaBeastXx (he/him, age 16) Taz (gay, homosexual, twink, age 24 unless his aids catches up to him) Barry (he/him, sexually opened, age 40-58) Linda (she/her, sexually very opened stretched wide built for bbc, age 37-49)

LEGAL NOTICE: if you masturbate to one of us you must depict all alters as 18+ or 14+ in Mexico

AVISO LEGAL: si te masturbas con uno de nosotros debes representar todos los alters como 18+ o 14+ en Mexico


I do NOT have any social media or a Youtube account. We live in an age where there are privacy respecting and free (as in freedom) platforms. There is literally 0 reason to use Youtube these days. They censor everything, offer no good search results as they are all filtered, and are data harvesters. I made my own PeerTube instance, which cannot be censored, as it's my own platform I actually own. All social media is gay, along with the privacy violations they come with, so I do not use any. Anyone claiming to be me on social media is fake. Outside of my website, I only have a Bitchute account. If someone is claiming to be me, send them an encrypted message using my GPG key. If they cannot tell you the contents of that message, then it is not me. If they say "I forgot my private key", it is not me. If I ever have to validate myself and I care to, this is how I will do it.

I have a no simp policy. I want you to enjoy my content, share me and spread me to your friends and family. Have a hearty discussion about the content. Make fan art and, fanfiction, post on the board. That's fine.

Just don't get tricked because of my hair hole. Pathetic. I'm not your tiktok whore. Do not simp meaning:

Being overly obsessive with the thought of having a chance with me. I'm happily married to a man 15 years older than me. I want to be honest about this so that you can waste your time obsessing over a female with lesser value. Lesser value meaning:

She has likely slept with more than 1 (one) male in her life. If a woman sleeps with more than 1 male, in my opinion, she should be taken out Islam style. You know, with rocks.

The first man a woman sleeps with should be the man she marries and is with for the rest of her life. She should know the man for at least 1-2 years before giving herself to him. Only a loose wench would offer her physical touch to a man in a short span of time. I must respect my husband because he could easily choke me in my sleep.

I also think women lose their value if they drink, do drugs, have a smart phone, injest corn syrup, or have social media. Why would you respect a woman who sexualizes herself for tousands of men online? Some of you dudes just think with your dick, so you end up enabling whore behavior, when you think it's totally harmless. This is why the internet is ruined. We have allowed women and limp wristed "men" to infiltrate it. The duality of the social media whore and the low IQ limp wristed "male" has wrecked what once was an amazing thing.

Good thing those whores are too stupid to figure out how to use gemini. Also I will not be personally communicating with any of you. Nothing personnel, I outsource all messages to my Indian virtual assistant and he will handle you guys.

Also, I should inform you that since I was 15, I'm now 8 years older, which makes me 23. So you should know that I am no longer underage. I also weigh 8lbs more than when I was 15 (87lbs) 23 (95lbs), so I am now no longer underweight either sadly.