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my pronouns are poo/pee. here are things wrong with us: DID, tourettes, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, BPD, ADHD, OCD, ABCD, autism, body dysmorphia, pubic hair, schizophrenia, transgender. oh and aids...

our alters are: ashley (this one is me typing right now) (she/her, age 16, underage) xXDerrickDaBeastXx (he/him, age 16) Taz (gay, homosexual, twink, age 24 unless his aids catches up to him) Barry (he/him, sexually opened, age 40-58) Linda (she/her, sexually very opened stretched wide built for bbc, age 37-49)

LEGAL NOTICE: if you masturbate to one of us you must depict all alters as 18+ or 14+ in Mexico

AVISO LEGAL: si te masturbas con uno de nosotros debes representar todos los alters como 18+ o 14+ en Mexico



fuck poems

Just kidding. I decided to turn this area into my personal blog because why not? I'll eventually put the blog on it's own page but I was too lazy so it's here for now.

OCTOBER 11, 2022: Cum tribute quest

CUM TRIBUTE DEFINITION: When someone cums onto a digital picture of someone's face, the act is typically recorded and uploaded to the internet.

Cum tribute /'koome ,tr reeeeh byu te/

I'm currently working on a big project for a future video and I really needed cum tributes of people cumming on a picture of me for this particular video. I figured that if I requested OC from my fans, they would deliver. These fellas are very protective of their dicks and nuts, because I only got radio silence in return for my request. The more people denied me my cum tributes, the more I wanted it. At first it was kind of tongue in cheek, it would be funny to get a cum tribute, but no big deal. However, someone said they would consider doing a cum tribute. I got so excited, he busted his nut onto a screen, and then told me he deleted the video. I was devistated, I hate that men have post nut clarity, because that emotion completely stole my cum tribute video. The man who did this seems very nice and I'm jealous that he was the only one who got to see that video.

A few days pass and everyone is giving me the ol' circle jerk run around. "Oh I would do it, except..." Yada yada yada, I don't care about your excuses. I want your cum on my face, except virtually, so I don't get vaccinated from your ruined vaxxy cum. The original man promised that he would, for a lack of a better term, "nut up" and redo my cum tribute. Except... a whole day passes and nothing. No cum tribute. Again. I was actually so excited that entire day to finally get my cum tribute, I never knew how much this meant to me. To have that taken away because I was so unimportant in this man's life to the point where he actually forgot to cum tribute me was heart breaking to say the least. As the saying goes, I'm not mad, just dissappointed. Not at him, but for myself. What the fuck am I doing with my life to get excited over an anonymous cum tribute? Aren't those supposed to repulse people? I just find them entertaining, imagine someone cumming on your face. You're telling me you wouldn't be proud of that?

The story didn't end there. He came back. Except, with no cum. He promised me AGAIN that he would cum tribute me. At this point, I was very skepitcal. But why would someone string me along for so long? Just string my face with your cum, but virtually. Third time is a charm. Everyone looked up to this man as a hero, he was doing what everyone else refused to do. At this point, the stakes were high. I literally stated that I REFUSED to make future videos until I got a cum tribtue. The moment I got a dedicated cum tribute, I would release a new video. This rule made everyone just a little bit closer to splashing their computer screens with their sploog. Will the cum tribute guy come through, or on? I don't know. All I know is that I've been basically edging on hope for 72 hours while this man has probably lived out his 72 hours thinking about better, more important things.

OCTOBER 11, 2022: Cum tribute quest (UPDATE)

It happened. He came through and came on my face virtually. I'm really happy that it finally happened, I'm saving this video forever. It sounded like the poor guy had trouble mustering up the cum for my face, because I looked disgusted in the photo I requested to be used. I will be publishing a cum tribute page at some point, and will link the evidence of this whole ordeal to this post. Finally happened. Thank god. I am elated.