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I want to look like a man but i realize as a biological female that will never be possible but i can still try. click here to learn about the men i cross dress as

my pronouns are poo/pee. here are things wrong with us: DID, tourettes, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, BPD, ADHD, OCD, ABCD, autism, body dysmorphia, pubic hair, schizophrenia, transgender. oh and aids...

our alters are: ashley (this one is me typing right now) (she/her, age 16, underage) xXDerrickDaBeastXx (he/him, age 16) Taz (gay, homosexual, twink, age 24 unless his aids catches up to him) Barry (he/him, sexually opened, age 40-58) Linda (she/her, sexually very opened stretched wide built for bbc, age 37-49)

LEGAL NOTICE: if you masturbate to one of us you must depict all alters as 18+ or 14+ in Mexico

AVISO LEGAL: si te masturbas con uno de nosotros debes representar todos los alters como 18+ o 14+ en Mexico



PROPOSED LAW: Sexuality in regards to short hair, tomboys, body hair, etc.

Background to law and law proposal at the end.

It bothers me that in a world of rapidly changing sexual dynamics, short hair on women is a deal breaker to some "straight" men. Many times I have seen an argument that finding women with short hair attractive is akin to finding a little boy attractive. Let me ask you this: When was the last time you saw a little boy have tits, pubic hair, wide hips, thick thighs, a shapely ass, and a pussy? I haven't seen little boys naked since I was a child, but I don't recall any little boys rocking a sweet pair of tits or even a pussy. So this argument is completely retarded. If a hair cut is enough to determine gender for you, then long hair on a man makes fucking a dude in his loose asshole straight. These guys will call other men who are attracted to short hair women gay, meanwhile these dudes will also be the ones beating off to tranny porn. I've also seen the argument that being attracted to tomboys is gay, meanwhile being attracted to femboys is straight. They say that being attracted to femininity is straight, while being attracted to masculinnity is gay. Let me tell you something brother, jacking off to a dude who has a 2" adams apple, broad shoulders, narrow hips, huge calves, a receeding hairline, and a cut cock is gay. No matter how much lipstick Steve slaps on, he still has a dudes body and a dudes dick. There is nothing feminine about a man tranny. You cannot successfully emulate femininity, that's why all these trannies end up killing themselves. They spend their whole life obsessing over something they cannot truly accomplish. Long story short, I think a lot of men end up justifying their tranny porn addiction to be straight, while saying that being attracted to actual women is somehow gay. It's inversion and congative dissonance.

This brings me to my next point: body hair. I absololoutely hate shaving myself, and I hate when men shave off their hair. Body hair grows in naturally, and having it is not unhygenic at all. As long as you wash yourself here and there, you will maintain being clean. It's strange that there has been a social movement to have humans shave off their hair. Why do we spend so much of our time altering our bodies from their natural state? There is nothing wrong with body hair, but we are conditioned from the time we are children that having hair on certain areas is "gross". In terms of leg hair, it isn't a concern over hygene. If that was the case, leg hair would be promoted to be shaved off of men and women alike. However, leg hair and armpit hair specifically have been classified as a manly trait, which is why women are pressured into shaving their hair. There is no direct benefit to me to shave my leg or armpit hair. I have spend likely hundreds of dollars in my lifetime to maintain hairless armpits and legs. The results are irritating. Even though I purchase men's razors (because women's razors dull out much quicker) and I purchase shaving cream, the shave is never truly smooth. When I do get a smooth look on my legs after shaving, the dark hair underneath is still visible, like a bunch of little pin pricks just even with my skin. The next few days, my legs will become very itchy and irritated, even getting red in certain spots. This is due to the hair growing back out of the skin, causing irritation as the thick hairs try to poke outside of the skin. Then I must wait a few more days until my hair is long enough to shave again. In the end, I only get about 1-2 days of a smooth leg, and about 4-5 days of irritation and waiting until I can shave again. This process may not be the case for every woman, but it is actually much more common than you'd think. I have very thick and deep rooted hair, so waxing would be far too painful and the growing back process would still be an issue, not to mention the cost of waxing. Waxing is not perminant either. Most of this process also applies to my armpits, and much of the time, I don't actually care if I have armpit hair. I have always only shaved for the benefit of other people (by which I mean school mates or civilians at the grocery store). I don't care that I have leg or armpit hair, in fact, it's much easier to grow it out and not think about it. Why am I spending so much time on something that people don't see anyway, and it natural to me? I decided within the last few weeks that I no longer care about other people's opinions on a woman havin body hair. It is natural and I will stick with the natural process of my body. It's strange the things "they" have coopted into being disgusting. Body hair is completely natrual, yet, most "men" are disgusted by it. Foreskin is normal, yet most men think it's unhygenic to have it and think foreskin looks gross (mostly because they fail to understand that the foreskin retracts when aroused). My husband is the one who told me that it's okay to be natural and that he prefers a natural woman. I think more men should strive to be a real man and enjoy a natural woman in her natural state.

On the topic of body hair, I must also mention my experience with pubic hair. I stopped shaving my pubic hair many years ago. My pubic hair was a big source of pain, as I mentioned previously in regards to pubic hair. I used to think I had a crazy case of pubes, since shaving was never comfortable for me. It was always irritated, itchy, and never looked good. I started looking online as to what other girls had to say about shaving, and a big majority of girls have had a similar experience. Even with shaving in the correct dirrections, using men's razors, and shaving cream, it was still uncomfortable. You know why? Because it's unnatural to try and remove your hair from your body. Body hair is there to protect us. Most of you may know this, but women being fully shaved on their vagina is a very recent creation. It was popularized in the 90's in pornos, this is actually the truth. It gave women a more "youthful" apperance down there, and by youthful, I actually mean a child like apperance. Only children do not have pubic hair. PUBIC HAIR IS A SIGN OF FERTILITY, A SIGN THAT A WOMAN IS A WOMAN. LET ME GO ONTO MY NEXT POINT.

I think it's very interesting that porn has shaped the way men view women... and men. They have ben brainwashed to think that if a woman has body hair of any sort, she in unnatractive. I'm starting to think that these men who need women to have long done up hair, a full face of makeup, nails done, no natrual body smells, be freshly fully shaven everywhere, have tons of skin smoothing and enhancing filters, and be at just the right angles, are the gay ones. Ask yourself -- do you like a real woman? If you need a woman to meet a large standard or requirements, to have a woman completely adjust what a natural woman is, do you truly like women? I would say you do not like real women, natural women, you like pornstars. I find body hair on a woman and men very attractive. I think it's very cute if a woman has long armpit hair, a nice hairy muff, and nipple hair. A lot of you dudes probably don't even know that most women get nipple hair. I'm guessing that's gross to you. MAYBE YOURE THE ONES WHO WANT A LITTLE BOY. YOU JUST WANT A HAIRLESS LITTLE BOY, HUH?

You are free to do as you wish with your body, so if you prefer to shave, then do it. I just think it's strange that it's a societal norm that women must shave off the hair that naturally grows on them. It's not unhygenic, it's a false idea that hair is a gendered trait when it is naturally on both men and women. We are pretending that it's a gendered thing, when the facts say otherwise. Women and men both get body hair. By shaving it off and pretending it doesn't exist doesn't mean that that's the reality.

I also feel very similarly in regards to boobs. They are naturally on our bodies, all men know what titties look like. It's not like by not wearing a bra, you are seeing a chicks tits. You are seeing a vague outline of what they look like, and maybe some of her nipple if it's cold. So what? We all know what tits look like. We have seen a dude's nips on blast when he's cold and it's not a big deal. Why do we make it out to be a big deal for women? I almost never wear a bra, the only times I do is when I go into public, which is pretty rare. Even then, it's about half and half that I'd wear a bra. I don't care if someone notices I'm not wearing a bra, you're not seeing my actual tit. The ideas of bras are a scam, who are you protecting with them? They ruin tits because the boobs end up not having natural support, in turn, making them sag much quicker. I understand that no matter what, men will sexualize boobs. Fine. I am not looking to be sexualized, but I have a hard time caring that a 56 year old may have caught a glance at my unbra'd tits as I'm buying ketchup at the store. It's not a big deal and he's likely not going to cream himself.

You may be wondering what laws I'm proposing being changed. Well, I would outlaw razors for women. The crazy bitches would stop cutting themselves and you would have women in their natural state. I would also make it so that wearing a bra is a fineable offence, and in my world, women would not work so they wouldn't have money. That means that they would end up going to prison. But they should never have the need for a bra because they would be at home all the time. That's the plus side of being a woman, you wouldn't have to work and stay home all the time while your husband does all the hard work and takes care of you. If you think women are children (which a lot of them are), start caring for them like children. Also, make sure they stay in line.

PROPOSED LAW: Redfine beatisality, animal sex, and age of consent laws

Background to law and law proposal at the end.

It's not logical that in most states, beastiality is legal. An animal cannot verbally consent, and may be in real pain during "sex" with a human. However, you're telling me that in these same states, a 16 year old who is begging to have sex with a 24 year old is illegal? The 16 year old, unlike a dog, can use her words to communicate how she feels, is likely much older than the dog or cat getting fucked, has a concept for sex, and can say she actively WANTS to have sex with the person. These laws are essentially saying that it's more morally correct to rape your dog, cat, or parrot, than have sex with a 16 year old as 20+ year old.

In many cultures across the world, once you hit 15 you were considered a man or woman. In fact, many people got married at this age. It's not logical to have a strict law to dictate that one day you are not allowed to engage in sex with a person a certain age range outside of you, then once the clock hits midnight, you suddenly have the wherewith al to have sex with someone older than you. Thank you feminists for raising the age of consent. You are basically saying that women are too stupid to make their own decisions, so they need a law to dictate when they are allowed to have sex with someone outside their age range. I think the younger a woman (within reason) is married, the better taken care of she is, resulting in a better woman. This is why see so many batshit insane women these days. They never had an older man taking care of them, looking out for them, while also keeping them in line in a loving way. Women need to be guided. Without guidence, they are easily lost. This isn't their fault, it is built into them. They are emotional creatures, which can be beautiful. However, it can also be abused. The powers that be know this, and have used women's emotions to sway agendas that end up damaging women. Notice that the feminist movement in the early 2010's quickly lead to the ushering in of transgenderism, ultimately destroying female communities and spaces. It's also important to note that these movements which are largely female motivated, end up damaging the mental health of females. Many women are very self conscious or crave the feeling of being a victim for the satisfaction of sorrow from others (because they don't have the care of an older male helping them navigate life) so these females look for labels for their issues instead of trying to cure their issues. This is largely where transgenderism comes into play. We have suddenly seen a huge pool of women claiming that all their problems in life revovle around them being in the wrong body. All of their problems stem from them being the wrong gender. However, once these women cut off their tits, get a skin graff to make a fake penis, take permanent life altering hormones, change their name, they are still unhappy. Because they did not solve their problem. Women are emotional, they get easily swept away in movements because it's exciting to them, women go through many phases in life, social phases especially. I know for a fact that the modern craziness of women stems from them not being cared for by an older male when they are young. This is why for hundreds of thousands of years, all cultures have had an older male take care of the younger female. It works. Our society is a result of this not in practice.

Back to beastiality, I think you should be able to have sex with certain animals. Obviously, it would be unethical to have sex with a bird. You're going to kill that thing with your dong. But most states would rather you do that than have sex with a 17 year old. Anyways, birds are out of the question. When talking about beastiality, we need to take into consideration the height and weight of you, and the height and weight of the animal. The bigger the animal, the more ethical it is to have sex with them. Cats are out, don't have sex with them. They're way too small and too innocent to have sex; you're going to hurt them. Dogs are a tough one. Don't try to tell me you can have sex with a toy poodle, it's not gonna happen in my world. Again, you're gonna hurt them. I think once we start getting to labrador sized animals, you MIGHT be okay. But I just can't accept that it's okay to have sex with your dog, so I still wouldn't allow it in my world. However, you would be allowed to have sex with a horse. Here's the thing, a horse is much bigger than you. It would probably just feel like a fly is in it's ass when you have sex with it. Plus, if it really did't like it, it could just easily kick you and hurt you. It's much more likely the horse would hurt YOU during sex, either with it's large penis rupturing your intestines (RIP Mr. Hands), or by kicking you and perhaps damaging an important organ. I think most large farm animals would be okay to have sex with in this case. They are much larger than humans, so a few inches of penis poses no threat to their physical well being or emotional state. They wouldn't really notice what was going on, and thus, wouldn't be emotionally damaged. Whereas with dogs, I have heard stories of the dogs being emotionally distressed after someone was sexually abusing it, which is very sad. The story I'm thinking of specifically involved a neighbor hopping the fence to rape the neighbor's dog. They noticed their dog was distant and skiddish, only finding out that the neighbor was raping the dog after installing security cameras in the back yard.

If you don't live near farm land, you could have sex with dolphins in my world. I think dolphins are capable of having a bond with humans, and plus, their size and ability to swim faster could mean they could escape and remain unharmed if they disliked having sex with a human. But c'mon, those dolphins are known for being gang banged. They can probably take 1 guyus 5 inch hog.

To be clear, I think it's weird to have sex with animals. I think it's weird that gay guys lick each others assholes, and theyre not going to stop doing that, and neither will animal lovers, so let's make some compromises here to preserve everyones rights and live in a more sane, logical world.

I also want to be clear that I have no desire to engage in sexual activity with a minor. Though I think 15 has been the age for thousands of years and across various cultures in which you are considered a man or woman, I think our current culture has "babified" people. Current day 15 year olds are much less mature than 15 year old in societies past. At 15 our culture has forced you into school, you have no personal say in what you want to do with your life, giving you less wordly experience. In societies past, you had much experience in the world and understood that 15 was adulthood. So to clarify, just because I say that in my world, age of consent should logically be lowered to 15 since it is legal to fuck animals who cannot consent, it does not mean I wish to have sex with animals or underage people.

PROPOSED LEGISLATION CHANGES: No more sex with dogs, cats, small animals like birds or hamsters. You can only have sex with very large animals who would likely not even notice you're having sex with them, because this means you would not physically hurt the animal or emotionally scar it. You can also have sex with dolphins. Oh and also, lower the age of consent to 15 across the board. 15 is standard in history for being an adult. The reason why women are insane these days is because they think they don't need men. Men help even women out.

PROPOSED LAW: Make prostitution legal, or a loophole I discovered

Background to law and law proposal at the end.

Prostitution is the oldest trick in the book -- pussy traded for valuable goods. If you think about it, relationships are just a long form of prostitution. Getting arrested for prositution makes no sense, when if you simply record yourself during the act of prositution, it's a porn and now it's legal.

Why don't hookers just say that they will be a porn actress and that the man is paying for her to be the actress in the porn? Then, isn't it technically not illegal? I looked online briefly and people say that this isn't a loophole because you need release forms or something. Just make a mini business out of making porn and hire chicks for the porn. Then, isn't it legal? I don't know. You should ask a lawyer about this. By the way, we need a better word for pornstars. Why are they referred to as "actresses". They aren't acting getting a dick in their butt. I guess the act is that they're wearing all that makeup, shaving, fake tits, and faking their orgasms.

One time when I was a teenager I found a website that had a directory of hookers. I think it was probably backpage (RIP). I talked to this one lady who was super nice, I asked her if I should be a hooker and I think her answer was fairly well adjusted. I hope shes doing well. For as much shit as pornstars and hookers get, they're honestly doing the lords work. I guess you wouldn't want to fuck Christ, though. Only Jesus can fuck Christ... jesus fucking christ. Get it? Anyways, I understand that pornstars are dirty, but a lot of you need them to pound down to. If it weren't for them, you would have so many sad lonely nuts. Personally, I think the majority of porn is agenda driven. I think they're trying to emasculate the male population to be gay. In modern porn you see a lot of chicks licking DUDE ASSHOLE. That's super gay. You also see dudes shaved, why would the guy need to be shaved? It's porn that seems straight, because a woaman is in the porn, but she's doing very gay things to the man. It slowly turns into the man being focused on, the woman is superfluous in the video. Now in porn, women lick the dudes shaved asshole while she jacks him off. Then it leads into the dude getting fingered or his asshole pegged out by the woman. You're jacking off to the man, it's super gay. Tranny porn is also very popular, sadly. I often times end up on porn websites, and not to seek out porn to masturbate to. I go on porn websites to look up weird shit and to laugh at it. I understand that likely the majority of people cannot relate to this, but it's something I really enjoy doing. You just get to see all the weird shit people need to do to get off. Meanwhile, just give me an uncut penis or a cute lesbian and I'm off to the races. It makes me feel much better and normal to see all the weird shit people are into.

One time I found this video of a dude putting tennis balls into a very high powered automatic ball launcher and launching the tennis balls directly into his old fat wife's naked body. She was all tied up with chains and whatknot. The dude wasn't even getting off, he was just observing and even giggled here and there. Meanwhile, this lunch lady was in pain, probably wishing she had married Jeff Henderson from highschool but she turned him down so that she could backpack in France for a summer. Yeah, that really worked out for you, Matha. Now your in some dude's carbon copy basement getting absoloutely demolished by an automatic high powered tennis ball machine.

Pornhub is the Google of porn. You can search for something and it pretends to give you results, but all the results are totally unrelated and are just what they want you to watch. For the past about 2 hours I've been trying to find the video of the man hitting his wife with the automatic tennis ball machine. I've been looking on all the websites, usually xhamster or xvideos has all the good weird stuff. However, who uses Pornhub? It's got boring overproduced videos with no authenticity. Pornhub is owned by (((mindgeek))). All porn is owned and created by those people, you know? Now I really wish I could find this video but for the life of me I can't find it. I'm pretty sure it was originally on xvideos, maaaybe xhamster.

PROPOSED LEGISLATION CHANGES: Make prostitution legal. If that's too much to ask for, the current legal loophole is to make a pornography business, get the actresses to sign release forms, make a porn. Don't pay her for the act of sex, pay her for being the actress in the porn film. Just record it and upload it (or keep it for your private collection) and you've legally done nothing wrong, as far as I'm aware. Well, I could be completely wrong about all of this. Do not take my speculation. Check in with a lawyer before doing this, of course.