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My manifesto

All opinions on this page are of my own. As with any information or opinions you read, do not take my opinions as factual. I advocate that you do your own research into the topics mentioned, as it is important to research and exercise skepticism with any topic you approach. Do not attack or harass any of the companies or public figures mentioned.

Also, not all of my written ideas are fully formed. There are many notes and unfinished thoughts in this manifesto. I will write more when I feel like it.


The media, government, and "elite" (who are only elite in this low vibration illusion we call "life") are afraid of people like me because I do not accept the reality they have forced us into. My manifesto is an attempt to wake you up from ideas you have been conditioned into believing because it benefits one class - the protected class known as the "elite".

The elite would like to have you believe that my message is something crafted from hatred and they would like to label me with mental issues. They would like you to think I am some crazy extremist who wants to advocate for the harm of others. They would like you to think that I am enciting violence.

This could not be further from the truth.

I am not and will never be an extremist, white supermicist, terrorist, radical, hateful human being. I do not believe in killing in order to convey a message or movement. I do not believe in division.

I only advocate that you become conscious of the reality around us. The reality is that this is a world controlled by the most evil, controlling, destructive freaks. These people work to make sure we are essentially slaves to a system that benefits those who created the system - the elites.

Let me make this clear: I do NOT advocate for violence, destruction, death, killing, murder, hatred, division, or terrorism. The elite are threatened by people like me, because they know that we know their game. We know their plans are to destroy, to advocate for violence, to kill, murder, to encite hatred and division. This is all the elite do - they cannot fathom having people live in peace because it isn't beneficial if you want to control the world.

So while you may think it's impossible there is a group of a few evil people who control the world - look back at history. It has always been littered with the few evil who control the many. It would be stupid to think it would be different today.

In My Opinion The Corona Virus Isn't Real. Here is why.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, CIA Director

I have come to the realization that people are shockingly stupid, easily controlled, and only care about problems which are deemed by the govenment/media (often times they are the same controlled thing). This means if you present them with facts as to why they shouldn't participate in certain things, such as funding the meat industry, using social media, or injecting governemnt juice into their 6 year old child, they will instantly dissmiss it because the government/media hasn't deemed it a relevent issue. In fact, the government will work ahead through the media to make sure such issues seem "crazy". This is called propoganda.

Here's one thing you need to realize. People are stupid. They do not care if they're being used or controlled. They have been conditioned to think very short term, which results in poorer decision making. If your average normie is always afraid of the next scary disease, they are more likely to adapt to whatever rules the government tells them to. Their first mistake is fully trusting ANY entity without doing their research. Just to prove my point as to why you need to do your own reasearch instead of blindly trusting what a news corperation tells you: the media has put out propoganda stating that "doing your own research" is harmful and irrisponsible. Just trust the experts. Trust the science.

Except - how many times have science been twisted into giving a false outcome in order to produce a certain agenda? In the case of the Corona Virus, it is obvious there is no science behind it and was planned for a very long time. I shouldn't even have to explain this, because I have not worn a mask once and NEVER GOT SICK. For a virus that is supposedly very deadly and will put you through hell, it's crazy I never got so much as the sniffles. Maybe it's because I care about not putting poptarts and mountain dew into my body. Maybe it's because I don't stress over a literal slave job, or stress over a fake virus. Stress is a leading cause for death and illness. One thing you will notice people do is give stupid excuses for pretty damning questions. For such a deadly virus, why did I never get sick when I never wore a mask? The mainstream approved answer: You had corona virus and just didn't know it -- you were asymptonmatic. Hmm, you'd think since I'm unvaxxed that surely by now I would have gotten covid a few times by now, with pretty bad symptoms. Guess I'm just lucky in a super deadly pandemic where not wearing a mask will supposedly kill you.

For the insane reaction normies had to this fake virus, you would assume they would also be health conscious. Except many of them are obese, absorb everything they own in plastic, live in cities swimming in radiation from 5g and wifi, have cellphones touching their bodies 24/7, force themselves to sleep an irregular schedule, are addicted to sugar and corn syrup without even knowing it, the list goes on. These are not genuinely health conscious people.

For any of you who think the Corona virus is real, I will tell you exactly why I think it was planned to test the population's reaction and compliance.

1. Event 201. The even where they planned the Corona Virus

If I told you that the world's largest organizations and wealthiest individuals got together in October of 2019 to discuss a thoeritcal Corona Virus outbreak and what future events would unfold, would you believe me?

Becuase that is exactly what happened.

In October of 2019, just weeks before the first reported covid case in December, 2019 in China, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (who is a huge investor in vaccines) and the World Economic Forum to host a "pandemic tabletop exercise" called Event 201.

This 3+ hour long livestreamed event gathered leaders from across the globe, primarily high ranking individuals involved in public health and government. The participants in this event mapped out a simulation of a Coronavirus outbreak in which the outbreak starts at a pig farm. It starts to spread, as the World Economic Forum described it, "efficiently" from person to person. The outbreak then travels globally through those taking airplane flights.

The objective of this simulated event was to determine the reactions of the government and public alike in order find out how prepared the world was for a global pandemic, and what actions had to be taken by governments, political figures, unelected health organizations such as the WHO, social media platforms, etc.

"Governments will need to partner with traditional and social media companies to research and develop nimble approaches to countering misinformation" — From the Event 201 Simulation

"Media companies should commit to ensuring that authoritative messages are prioritized and that false messages are suppressed including through the use of technology" — From the Event 201 Simulation

"The exercise consisted of pre-recorded news broadcasts, live "staff" briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics. These issues were carefully designed in a compelling narrative that educated the participants and the audience." — From the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security regarding Event 201 https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/about

There are already too many similarities in this "fictional simulation" for this to be a coincidence. It looks like Bill Gates and his friend at the World Economic Forum came to this event prepared, as they showcased fake news broadcasts covering the Corona virus. You will see that these fake news segments shown at Even 201 parrot exactly what we saw on "real" news stations in late December 2019-2020.

It's strange they are so dead set on making sure social media and news coverage hyper focus on shutting down any questioning of the mainstream narritive. Once you open your eyes to how this was literally planned, you will start to see how obvious the propaganda is.

Watch Event 201 in it's entirety below. Don't tell me this is just a very well timed and hugely funded coincidence performed by the world's richest individuals and groups.

1. The phrase "THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL" is touted at Event 201 in October of 2019 by Dr. Mike Ryan, Chief Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme. Watch at 9:36. Also said at 1:55:29 by Jane Halton.

2. LOOK AT HOW THEY PRODUCED AN ACTUAL FAKE NEWS SEGMENT AT EVENT 201. THIS WAS LITERALLY PLANNED. The phrase "mild, flu like symptoms is stated. They literally call this hypothetical virus the "coronavirus". The virus is started by animals. The fake news segment, which seems to take place in the US, states the virus was started 3 months ago in a foreign country, and is now reaching the US and other countries. This follows the "real" timeline of Coronavirus starting in late 2019, arriving in the US and other countries in early 2020. This was planned. Watch at 14:22.

3. The next literal fake news segment mentions the same things they mention in "real" coronavirus news segments, such as the virus being labeled a "novel caronavirus", carriers being asymptomatic, how cases are doubling each week (which was a talking point used on news networks during the early days of the coronavirus), labels it a serious respitory disease. Notice that at the beggining of this fake news segment, they make it look laughably fake. This is to put it into your mind that governments coulnd't possibly fake something because it would look so obvious. We're talking about people who own more wealth than the entire nation combined - they could create realistic faked events. Watch at 16:42

4. Refers that vaccines won't be avialable in the near term - just as it was stated in the "real" news. Watch 21:41

5. Refers to the term "PPE, Personal Protective Equiptment" SPECIFICALLY N95 MASKS. Also mentioned hospitals are running low on masks, a story that was picked up by many "real" news stations and even Fauci. Watch 24: 13

6. Vaccines will initially not be available but will be within a year - Adrian Thomas from Johnson & Johnson states "We've seen historically we can actually produce an Ebola vaccine in a year. It requires flexbility on the regulatory side, it requries commitment form companies, but I do think that before we say that a vaccine's not available, we should not slow down, that we should persue that." Watch at 24:53. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Representative also states that they will put funding towards a Coronavirus vaccine that will be aimed to be ready within 1 year into the pandemic, watch at 2:07:33. KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS RECORDED IN OCTOBER 2019, FIRST "COVID" CASE WAS REPORTED IN DECEMBER 2020.

7. The private company known as the World Health Orgnaization (WHO) will be elected by the elites to act as the hub of information on the corona virus (watch at 2:32:57 and at 2:39:01), and distribute necessarry supplies. "I do think that there needs to be, sort of an 'honest broker', a centralized command in control organization that really brings together the public private sectar" Watch at 37:31. Christopher Elias, who represents the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation states: "This is where I think a collaberation between the international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the private sectar, which runs these supply chains for many purposes everyday, understand where the supplies are, make smart decisions about where to allocate them to the people who need them, in the places that need them the most, and then work with the industry to move htem from where they are today to where they need to be." Also suggests that the WHO to provide daily covid breifings. Watch at 2:21:04

8. The elite are worried about conspiracy theories emerging on social media... on a simulated event. Her solution: "build trust in pharmicuticals and government is very important at this moment and so as we move forward with developing the right scenarios we have to make sure that the public communication is a major part of that because of these conspiracy theories." Watch at 55:25.



11. The term "stay safe" is now uttered by Bill Gate's buddy. He states that order to travel, you must follow a set of rules and advisories such as wearing PPE (masks/gloves) and following any necessary treatment. Watch at 1:06:06

12. The GOVERNMENT will use social media to push strong messages about the virus. Watch at 1:10:50

13. YOU WILL WORK AT HOME. "More remote work could help in this instance, technology can be the platform, but in an increasingly mobile dependant world, we need to make certain that telecommunications system can hold up to increased demand and pressure." Watch at 1:12:20

14: "Essential travel" is a term being coined and refined at 1:15:07 and at 1:15:41

15. Fear over the fake virus will affect the supply chain via ships at the ports "There's fear and there's panic about ships coming to the docks and so it's starting to interrtupt supply chains..." Watch at 1:18:24

16. Government bailouts of companies, specifically airlines are discuessed. This ended up happening in 2020 for US airlines, as the US spent $25 billion to bailout airlines. Watch at 1:19:03 and at 1:20:58

17. GOVERNMENT WILL PARTNER WITH NEWS STATIONS, GOOGLE, AND FACEBOOK TO PROMOTE A GOVERNMENT AGENDA, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE PEOPLE DON'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. "People trust less and less what comes from government; so actually enabling many sources of information, Google, Facebook, free-to-air media networks, companies that will talk to their staff, and we know that very often these days people believe much more something that comes from their company than something comes from their government, so we have to part..." Watch at 1:29:27

18. The next fake news segment mentions stopping air travel, staying home from work, closing schools, disrupting supply chains, interfearing with social media and news networks. Watch at 1:33:48

19. THEY ADMIT THAT WE WILL SUFFER MORE FROM THE INTERVENTION OF THE GOVERNMENT (see list #17) THAN WE WILL FROM CORONA VIRUS. "When this is all over, some families, some cities, will have suffered more from our interventions than from CAPS". (CAPS is their abbreviation for Coronavirus). Watch at 1:34:08

20. They discuss the economical collapse of businesses and countries in great detail - something we all know has happened. The solution they propose is funding from government and organizations (such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation) to select areas they want to excel during this fake pandemic. Watch at 1:36:20 It's no surprise that Bill Gates so graciosuly donated his money to develop vaccines. What a sweetie. You can see his cheerleader advocate for this at 1:55:34 and at 2:07:22

21. When discussing funds, they literally state that it's more important to put money where there will be a return. THIS IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. This isn't about caring for your health - why would they want a return if this was genuinely about health? Watch at 1:59:08. Very creepy that he says "the world's population is finite" while cracking a smile, almost on the edge of giggling.

22. CDC mentions that funding must go towards "public health RESPONSE", AKA how people react to coronavirus. He continues, "That priotization is an important element in sustaining the trust in the population in the system that they're living under; and in a lot of ways that has to be a high priority to track that and make sure that public trust doesnt erode any further than it already has." Watch at 2:01:38

23. THEY ADMIT THEY WANT TO USE CORONAVIRUS AS A MEANS TO COLLECT DATA TO SEE HOW THE WORLD WOULD REACT TO A THREAT IN THE FUTURE. "So if we don't use this curcumstance to collect data, actually do an analytical, sort of "check" if you'd like, which for future circumstances we can then rely on in terms of prepardness" Watch 2:07:00

24. The last literal fake news segment discusses how "disinformation" and "misinformation" is emerging through social media. Kevin, who plays a "Social Media Expert", suggests that if misinformation and disinformation prevails, it may lead to the fall of governemnts. Yes, Kevin, if the elites are exposed to enough people it would definitely lead to the fall of the government. Kevin states, "If the solution means controlling and reducing access to information - I think it's the right choice." The fake news segment mentioned that limited internet shutdowns were taking place in effort to silence panic. Panic from Bill Gates being exposed or panic from the public - it is not clear to me. Another social media expert, Sarah Lee, asks "Who's to judge what's real or not? Would we trust every government to separate truth from lies?". Overall, a very unnerving and predictable skit when it is funded by Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum. Watch at 2:09:52

25. Advocacy for the government to "take national access control of the internet", shut down the internet for a small time or completely, censoring websites, and interrupt social media platforms in order to suppress "misinformation", as is is harmful to the government. Health ministires attempt to combat misinformation by broadcasting "public health messaging" (I would call it propoganga) through social and traditional media. Penalties such as arrests are issued to those spreading "harmful falsehoods" (I would call it truth, you are not allowed to expose the elite or you get caged.) Social media platforms report they are taking the threat of misinformation seriously and preventing it from spreading. SOUNDS VERY FAMILIAR FOR WHAT WAS TO COME IN MID 2020. Watch at 2:12:25

26. The moderator asks, "How much control of information should there be, and by whom?" If something such as misinformation is supposedly false, it should not be deemed as information period. His very question, "How much control of information should there be?" admits that so called misinformation is not actually misinformation, but simply, information that needs to be controlled. Watch at 2:15:21

27. THEY WANT TO FLOOD YOU WITH "GOOD" INFORMATION. Watch at: 2:16:28 and 2:28:04. Notice how the controllers like to categorize things such as actions or information into very simply baby terms? Good and bad guys. Good and bad information. They label it like this because the things they deem "good" are only GOOD TO THEM. Things that are deemed bad directly impact them in a negative way. If they wanted to truly promote good information, they should have mentioned how well prepared they were for a pandemic since they've already ran through a simulated coronavirus outbreak in October of 2019... except, nobody brings this up. It's been memory holed. The controllers repeat how unprepared we all were for a pandemic, like the whole 2019 coronavirus simulation never happened. Anyways, they want to flood you with "good" propoganda about how Coronavirus is totally legit. It's a known fact that the more times you repeat something to someone, the more likely they are to accept something. This is almost like the Sunk Cost Fallacy - if we're been flooded with constant information about how scary and real the coronavirus is, we are far less likely to look into opposing information suggesting that there is far more to this story.


29. They literally admit that they need the media to present as she says, "our side of the story." They know this is a hoax and are funding millions, if not billions, into making sure media presents THEIR SIDE OF THE STORY. If this was a true pandemic, there would be no sides. There would be one truth. The one truth is one both I and they are aware of. They are just ashamed of the truth. Watch at 2:18:31

30. Daily updates of covid cases and deaths were suggested, just like all of us saw happen in the early and mid stages of covid. They admit that this is a manifestation of "FLOOD", meaning that this is a great way to overwhelm you with information. This "flood" tactic is brough up multiple times - it is a propaganda tactic. The more you overwhelm somebody with the same information, the are essentailly brainwashed into believing it's true/correct. Watch at 2:19:13 and at 2:20:10

31. The "inject bleach" and trying "ivermecton" to cure covid 19 was also planned. As the CDC states in Event 201, "We've received reports about people trying treatments that are reported to be effective but are actually harmful, and the quicker that's recognized and be countered, the fewer people who will fall suseptable to this." It's shocking how much of this they're planned and executed. Watch at 2:24:27

32. Their proclaimed "flood" method (which is a propoganda tactic) of having doctors talk about covid every opportunity available was also planned. Watch at 2:24:52

33. They admit that FACTS are skewed. "There seem to be several elements to this conversation, one of which is to get the facts - however you define them." What does she possibly mean by "however you define facts?" Facts are facts. The elite are admitting to skewing "facts" to fit their personal narrative. Watch at 2:33:38

34. THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOUR BEHAVIOR AND ADMIT IT. "... think about what we know about incentivising the kind of behaviors we see... it's not about just handing people a piece of knowledge. It's also about how we incentivice them to manage their behaviors..." You may suggest they want you to act a certain way so you don't catch the fake virus - but if a fact tells you that a virus will, as the media makes us think, kill you... we would all do what's in our natural instincts and take precautions. There would be no need to subconciouslly alter behaviors of the population if the virus was truly real. Watch at 2:34:06

35. The concern that has repeatedly been brought up throughout this meeting is that there will be false rumors being spread that the vaccine companies created the coronavirus in order to profit from vaccine sales. (Watch at 2:35:58) They keep using the strange term, "bad actors" during this as well. I am not sure why they are so concerend about this issue - it almost seems like an admission of guilt with how concerend they are over it. It also boggles my mind as to why they called this fake news during the meesing - the vaccine industry is highly profitable, as Bill Gates, one of the main partners of Event 201, has admitted he gets a TWENTY to ONE return on vaccines - making it extremely profitable. Don't believe me?


37. The term "SOCIAL DISTANCING" is uttered in 2019! What a funny coincidence! Watch at 2:45:20

38. They refer to this event as "when it hits" and not "if it hits". A very confident way to talk about a theoretical virus. Watch at 3:07:32 and at 3:08:32

And that is Event 201. An event where elites from around the globe held a meeting about plans for a virus, in which they literally name the Coronavirus, and the devistation it will have on the people, economy, and the need for tight control over traditional and social media. I have to remind you that this took plave in 2019. They lay out EXACTLY what was to come in 2020. If you are stil not convinced that this was planned, you are a victim of mind control. They have conditioned you through fear and propoganda to believe this was real. If you still believe the Coronavirus is real, I would compare your sitation to the Sunk Cost Fallacy. This is where somebody has invested so much time, thought, energy, towards an idea/event, that even though the idea/event is an obvious failure, you will refure to believe the truth because you've already invested so much energy into the original idea. It's hard to accept the truth when you've been, as the elite said, flooded with one sided information for a long period of time.

2. Chinese propaganda of "covid" that were faked

If you recall back to late 2019 early 2020, you may remember pictures and videos showing how the Chinese were trying to cover up how bad the fake virus was. There were actors seizuring from "catching" covid, bodies piled up in hospitals, rumors of building another hospital because the others were overrum. If you take a minute to analyze this situation, the fake videos from Chinese hospitals showing extreme reactions from "covid" never actually surfaced in Americans who "caught" covid. This was a fear tactic to start priming the public to be fearful of covid. Yet, when covid apparently came to the US, nobody was having these exaggerated reactions. In fact, nobody had covid when the media claimed it was all over america.

Here is a huge collection of videos in which were depicting Chinese citizens "reactions from covid". Why did we never see these reactions anywhere else in the world? We never saw people collapsing in the streets, seizuring out, etc.
Watch the videos here

3. The hospitals being "overrun" with patients were always empty

At this point, we reach the time where covid has apparently invaded the US and is taking lives in huge numbers. Or at least, that's the impression given to us by the media. News stations would report on how overrun hospitals across the United States were - this was one of the most repeated segments for these news stations. It became a talking point among normies who were scared of the virus... except - the hospitals weren't overrun. They were actually emptier than ever before.

Here is video proof below

The video below has some annoying editing, but it's still important to watch, as it reveals what was actually going on in the early stages of the "Coronavirus"

On the same day of these news reports, nearby residents of these hospitals went out to record the parking lots and waiting rooms. Each of these hospitals were completely dead. No cars in the parking lot, no people in the waiting room, no patients in the ward. This briefly started a tending hashtag on twitter - but of course, it was quickly shut down, just as planned in Event 201.

4. The tents pictched outside of hospitals were always empty

After the news made sure the population knew that hospitals were totally definitely 100% overrun with covid patients, they needed the next scary story to pump ad nauseam. This time the story is that the hospitals are so overrun with covid patients that wagies had to set up tents outside the hospitals to conduct tests for the corona virus. Sure, the tent would look functional for the news report. The wagies would be in there with a full body suit to protect against the fake virus - but once the cameras were off, the stry was different.

Once again, on the same day of the news report, nearby citizens would go to the hospitals being reported on in the news and... nobody was in the tents. No employees, no patients, nothing. There are many videos of people visitng their local hospitals, which had the same scenario. These tents simply served as a reminder to all passers by that the virus is totally real - just look at the tent outside the hospital! Except nobody was in them. Watch the above videos and you will see video evidence of this.

Now, today there are definitely testing areas that are packed - but this right as this story was brand new in early April. They tricked the population through the media into believing that there were hoards of people lining up to get tested in these photo op tents. They would show people pretend to get tested, as you can see in the video evidence. If citizens went up to these tents, they were turned away because they didn't actually do testing. Again, keep in mind this scenario happened before tests were actually being done. This was propoganda to scare the population - with OBVIOUS proof to show this was all staged. If you think I'm some crazy conspiracy theorist, simply watch the videos I mentioned above.

5. The lines up to the hospitals that ran "all around the block" were also faked.

Once again, the media sets up a scene, records it for a news story, and gets caught faking it. This time, actors were caught leaving the line after the news cameras shut off.

6. News Stations faking more footage along with misattributing photos

There were too many examples of the media getting caught red handed with faking videos/photos themselves, but they also purposely misattributed footage and photos of panicked nurses in scary full body suits. This footage was also repeated plenty of times, only to be sourced from years ago, from hospitals outside of the US, in Italy.

7. The nurse, Dr. Colleen Smith, who was seen all over the news and social media, recorded herself working at the hopsital affected MOST by covid (which was empty, watch the videos above) didn't even work at the hospital. Her claims of an overrun hospital were disproven. And her job title was along the lines of a crisis simulator

Yes, go figure that the nurse seen all over social media and news stations across the nation did NOT work at the Elmhurt hosptial in New York. Despite this, news stations continued to show video clips of her going around the hospital, declairing how they desperately needed more ventalators and how totally overrun they were. She also went on to decalre she's seen over 400 patients in a day - something that is EASILY disproved when you look at the footage of people visiting the ELmhurst hospital. The real story showed an empty parking lot, no lines, no patients, a totally empty waiting room. Somehow the story always changes when news stations are there to film - suddenly there are patients and long lines! How does that work?

Here is some footage of the fake nurse, Dr Colleen Smith, spreading lies about the Elmhurst hospital. These videos have a lot of views and don't even begin to account for all the airtime she received on TV stations, which boomers were watching.


8. Extreme measures were taken extremely early

When something such as a new virus is rampant among the population, you would imagine that it would take time to figure out exactly what is going on. Except, not according to the mainstream news. They instantly started reporting extreme phrases, such as "This is the new normal." You may recall that this phrase was used in October of 2019 in Event 201, the meeting where they planned a Caronavirus outbreak. How were they so confident that this brand new outbreak was going to be staying so long that it would be "the new normal"? It's because this is yet another mind control tactic to get you to accept the coming changes presented to you by the government. Notice how they always repeated "this is the new normal"? This is their self proclaimed flood method they discuessed at the Event 201 meeting. The idea behind flooding you with the message "this is the new normal" very early on is so you can accept that the world presented to you via media is exactly how you're going to see the world. Despite obvious contrary information provided by regular every day citizens, the media shown to you by government and controlled media is the "their side of the story" they want you to see. Remember when that phrase was uttered at the Event 201 meeting? "Our side of the story"?

9. If hospitals were extremely overrun across the globe, where did nurses get the time to create so many TikTok videos? And isn't that extremely insensitive to the patients?

Nurses, being the typical psychopaths that they are, wanted to capatalize on their new "hero" image. Instead of spending time treating dying patients who are infected with Coronavirus, they decided that it was a great time to make some TikTok videos. I don't know how they found the time to do these - especially since they're, according to the media, seeing more patients than EVER. Plus, doesn't it seem very insensitive to record yourself doing the dougie as grandma is dying in the next room over?

The reason they could record all these TikTok dances is because the hospitals were EMPTY. THERE WERE NO PATIENTS. THE NURSES WERE SO BORED THEY DECIDED TO COREOGRAPH TIKTOK DANCES. Yet, normies didn't bat an eye or think for a second, "Huh... that seems odd they have the time for that. And that seems inappropriate to dance to Katy Perry while there are patients dying all around them." Instead of raising eyebrows, the nurses only recieved more praise and airtime among news stations for being brave during this hard time. It's all total load of horse pussy.

10. Why were nurses being laid off in droves if the hospitals were overrun? You would need as many nurses as you could get.

In the early to mid staged of the fake coronavirus story, hospitals were losing huge amounts of money due to not having any patients come into the hospital. Despite the media giving us the idea that hospitals across the globe are packed to the brim, hospitals were losing large sums of money, and nurses were being laid off in large numbers. That seems odd - the mainstream reasoning behind the loss and lay offs were due to canceled surgeries. However, if you were doulbe or tripling the amount of patients you had in the hospital per day due to covid, you definitely shouldn't be losing money in your gross income. You should be making money back.

According to the Labor Depertment, in April of 2020 alone, 1.4 million health care workers lost their jobs. So much for needing all the health care workers to fight on the front lines. see here

Visits to hospitals were drastically down as well. According to Palomar Heatlh, they lost $5.7 million in March alone due to a 50% drop in patient visits that began mid-month, according to the health system.

Note: I am still working on this section. The following points are notes in which I want to expand on and provide relevant links to. You are welcome to look into the following points youself, and I encourage you to exercise skepicism and come to your own conclusion.

11. MOST deaths, even if you died in a car crash, were beeing deemed as a covid death. There is proof to back this up.

-Hosptials get a big pay out when a patient dies on a ventalator. It's because the patient DOESNT HAVE COVID, they need treatment for their actual issue but just get stuck on a ventilator and die.

-At the beginning times of it, there were large reports of people dying form covid, yet nobody actually knew anyone who caught it or died from it.

-Enter: the tests. It's own creator, who died in 2019, said they should not be used for this purpose, and also hated Dr. Fauci. Fauci even refused to debate the creator of PCR tests, yet once he was dead, he promoted the use of the test INCORRECTLY, as said by the creator.

-Tests simply magnify bacteria in your body. With enough amplifications, anyone can test positive for covid, as it is not looking for "covid" but a certain bacteria that everyone has with enough amplifications. This is why now everyone "has covid", yet feels fine.

-Once the "death" numbers went down, the media quielty stopped reporting on deaths and instead went on to report positive cases

-Why are different towns across the unisted stated reporting the same number of positive cases?

-When masks were previously not advised and discouraged by Fauci, they were later becoming required. He would contradict himself left and right.

-Goveners were seen not wearing masks. While they made everyone stay home, they were out enjoying dinners, getting their hair done, etc. They got caught on video/photos, apologized, and all was forgotten. These are the few controlling the many - knowing that masks and carona virus aren't real. This is why you've never seen Bill Gates wear a mask

-They release a vaccine quickly, which is then given false scarcity throughout the media. This was memory walled, but when they were first rolling out the vaccines, only certain people were allowed to get the vaccine. They created this idea that the vaccines were very limited and you were very special if you got access to getting vaccinated. It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry is not tight on money, they have MORE than enough resources and funding to create vaccines for a huge population in a very short span of time. However, if an item is given false scarcity, people will desire the item more because it's rare. They are much more likely to take the vaccine the chance they get to because they think it's a rarity. Do you honestly think pharmaceutical companies who make BILLIONS of dollars were actually having trouble producing vaccines? Absoloutely not. It was propoganda to make the general public desire the vaccine more due to it's false scarcity. Those who got the vaccine were seen as privileged and lucky.

-It first started that everything needed to be "shut down" for 2 weeks. If you know anything about manipulationfrom the governmnet, they start out with a little change to make it more acceptable to the people, then drag it on as planned. If they stated things were going to shut down for 6 months, people would have been far less likely to accept such a drastic change. However, start out with a lie that's small, drag it on to the intended plan and people will happily accept it. Honestly, seeing the total acceptance from anything the government touted to the people was shocking to me. People happily enjoyed going along with anything the government said. The government could have gotten away with saying 6 months initially, seeing as how controlled the population is to accept anything. Of course I am not advocating or suggesting violence, but I think in some situations, peaceful non compliance is the path to freedom. They destroyed small businesses while huge corporate giants gained billions.

-The media will control the narative to always seem like there's trouble. When you start to look into what's released from their sources, such as the CDC who shouldn't be trusted as the standard of health anyways, you will see that according to THEIR OWN numbers, "covid" isn't anything to be scared about.

-What would be the point of faking a virus? Because it was highly profitable, while people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos make billions, they also devalued the USD currency for your every day person. This is all playing into the plan created by the pathetic "elites" who are not truly elite. The elites, who I will also refer to as the global cabal, because they do not desreve to be called elite, have been planning a "great reset" for a great deal of time. The great reset is an idea which has been molded by the World Economic Form long before covid was a thing. The Great Reset is the idea that we must reset major things in our society that follow more extreme measures by the government. For example, we must do away with the old USD currency because it is not only devalued, but becuase it's dangerous. Dangerous is always a funny term they use to describe things the government/cabal have no control over. Now that they're rolled out technology, such as the internet, they would much prefer to track every transaction electronically. They can do this currently due to credit and debit cards, but businesses that transact solely in cash are untracable. Uh oh, can't have that. By the way, why would you trust a government who devaluaed it's own currency to suddenly have a new solution they toootally won't devalue again. If you buy into this -- you are a sheep. There are many other factors besides currency that play into the Great Reset.

-This was all a test to see how well the population would react to major changes demanded by the government. The plan was a major success. Soon you will see a new major change coming to the world which will also be faked. I will write about this later on. Not only was Covid a plan to test future faked events which will only roll out more control over the population; it allowed the elites to inject the population with "vaccines", which by definition aren't actually vaccines. They literally rewrote the definition of a vaccine. This "vaccine" is mnra gene therapy, which means this injection changes the structure of your DNA. An actual vaccine simply injects you with a very minimal dose of the illness. Your immune system builds immunity to the illness.

A fake alien invasion is soon to come

The key goal is to create a one world government due to a large external threat to humanity. This was famously heard by Ronald Regan in his 1987 speech at the United Nations. He says, "Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bound. I occasionaly think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to us than war and the threat of war?" Implying an alien war. This is how is ties in from the Coronavirus scam - at the planned Event 201 meeting in October of 2019, they mapped out how Coronavirus will be staged. Tom Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins University states a smiliar idea as Regan, "And there are problems emerging that can only be solved by global business and governments working together" as well as him also stating, "The purpose of this board is to advise leaders and national governments, global business, and international organizations on the response to the pandemic; particullarly focused on international problems that require collaberation between business and government". Now that they have the global popluation used to governments "working together", it's much easier to lock down on a global scale with a new fake thread, such as an alien invasion.

But why an alien invasion? And if there was an alien invasion, why would I think it's fake? Well, as I just laid out, the government has primed us to be prepared for threats that impact the entire world, and that all nations must act in lockstep to the government. Nearly all governments reacted the same during coronavirus - they tested the population and saw our reaction. The vast majority of people complied. Now the government knows they can pull an even bigger scam in front of our eyes - and we will all believe it.

Have you ever heard of Project Blue Beam? It's a NASA project that's been in the works for decades. There has been a huge amount of digging and research from people seeking the truth behind this project, and unfortunately, people have been silenced via heart attacks by the government if they get too close to the answers.

Here's the gist: The phony elites want complete control over the world. I would argue that we basicaly already have a one world government, but they want to solidify that even more - to truly have no borders and all be under 1 law. To do this, there needs to be an external threat so large and powerful, that the only solution is for the governments across the world to come together and form 1 sole government which has complete and total control over every individual. Remember those quotes I wrote earlier from Ronald Regan and Tom Inglesby? "Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bound. I occasionaly think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to us than war and the threat of war?" - Ronald Regan. "The purpose of this board is to advise leaders and national governments, global business, and international organizations on the response to the pandemic; particullarly focused on international problems that require collaberation between business and government". Tom Inglesby.

So what threat is so large that it requires all governemnts to come together? An alien threat. I'm talking about an alien force outside of Earth. We know this trope so well because we've seen it time and time again in movies, tv shows, comic books, media, etc. Aliens invade Earth, old news. However, there's a REASON as to why we've been shown this same story our entire life. It's to get us to become familiar with the story, and so when it happens in real life, we're much more accepting of the story because we know what's to come. Aliens invade, the people panic, government takes all control. The term used for media to push a certain idea which will later be carried out in real life is "predictive programming".

Here's how the government will physically show us the external alien threat. Projections. Did you know that there are HIGHLY advanced projections that look incredibly realistic? One example that comes to mind is a fake floating city being projected in Asia.

So now that you know that incedibly realistic projections are possible, you may be wondering what will they show? The idea is that they will project the dominate religious leader based on each location the projection is shown. For example, the projection they will show in Los Angeles, California will be Jesus Christ. The projection shown in Saudi Arabia will be Muhammad. Asia will be shown Buddah, etc. The projection will even communicate and you will hear the voice of the leader in your head, just like you hear your own thoughts. This is possible because our bodies have so much metal in them (from things like chem trails from airplanes, food which has small parts of metal, vaccine which has metal, etc.) the technology used is able to conduct the metal in our bodies to relay the voice of the religious leader.

The religious leader will state that we have misunderstood all religious documents and that religion is the reason why we're all at odds with eachother, why we're at war, etc. The leader will say that all religion is wrong. Despite being in the image of Jesus or some other religious leader, their message in contrary when denouncing religion. This is when the leader will show itself as another being. The being will state that it knows the one true religion - a new religion - in which we all must follow and it will be the solution for all our world's problems.

Of course this new religion will follow the elite's sick satanic orders, just guised so that normies won't pick up on it. I'm telling you, people are so fucking stupid that they will believe anything daddy governemnt tells them to. This projection will have you believing everything it's saying and you will follow all of it's demands. One world government where there is ONLY international law, no local, state, or national laws. You will be forced to follow the demands of the one world government at this point.

Now let me show you some more predictive programming. Here's a link to it: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=pvuN_WvF1to
I recently (as of 2022 recently) discovered this music video by "Lil Dicky" who is one of them, global elite that has been handed fame in order to push an agenda to the masses. In this video, which looks like it's for children but OMG they cuss!!! XDDDDD LOL HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO CAUSE ITS CARTOONS AND THEY SAY SHIT AND FUCK AND ASSWHOLE!!!!! the whole video pushes climate change (which is also fake). However, an interesting part really caught my eye. At 6:07 Lil Dicky says we should just listen to Leonardo Dicapro (who is apart of the World Economic Forum - funny how literally every issue I write about on this page ALL TIES BACK TO THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.) because Dicaprio knows so much more about global warming than all of us. HOWEVER, Dicky says "Like if the aliens did come, we should send Lio as our guide, our rep. (Following sentence is said as a UFO is on screen) In fact, the profits that come along (PROPHETS. SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING PRODICTIVE PROGRAMMING) from this streams from this song are going directly to the Earth". See how they subtely prime you not only for an alien invasion (problem manufactured by the World Economic Forum), but then say Leonardo Dicaprio (also W.E.F. member and the WEF's solution) should be our representative when the invasion happens. Hmmm... almost like most of us never considered if an alien invasion happened, we'd need a single individual to represent us. Now here's your predictive programming - some Hollywood actor has all the solutions!

All the proof I need to know that this will happen soon is that for the past few years, the government and media have been pushing that "aliens are totally real" story. They're doing this to make your mind accept that aliens exist because the government said so! Now you're ready for the fake alien invasion. I will admit that though a fake alien invasion sounds scary, but I think it will be pretty boring. If you told me in 2018 that there will be an extremely deadly wordlwide pandemic in 2020, I probably would have tons of anxiety. However, actually living through it was pretty boring. I put the pieces together very early on to know it was all fake, and once you know that, it's more just sad seeing how stupid and easily controllable sheeple are. The whole fake covid thing didn't impact me personally at all - BECAUSE I didn't allow it to. I never wore a mask, never got tested, never got "vaccinated" (it's not a traditional vaccine, it's a gene modifier) or got the boosters. The most fake covid impacted me was getting dirty looks at the grocery store, and inflation, which is always happening anyways. I predict that the fake alien invasion will be the same. The normies who bow down to the government will live in fear, and the one world government will rule them just like Covid did. However, it will not impact me in any way. Do not allow these events to take control of you, have the power to recognize what is going on, and do not participate. Do not let it rule your life or your emotions. By doing so, you are still participating in the game.

The Real Holocaust and the Satanic Vegan Agenda

Most of you reading this fund the biggest, yet most silent holocaust in our history - the meat industry.

And here is your trained response to that: you smirked and chuckled, thinking how stupid that statement I made was. Congratulations, you're playing along with the programming well.

Ever since you can remember, you've been eating hamburgers slabbed in cheese and corn-syrup filled ketchup, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, pizza with pepperoni - you know, all of the "yummy" childish food. However, when your mother first shoved that hamburger in your face, you had no idea what you were eating. You just knew it tasted yummy. God forbid your mother showed you a video of the cow being slaughtered, then said "here, just eat it and forget what you saw - it's yummy!

However, if we showed children what they were eating, a cow bleeding out from it's sliced neck left to bleed out and die in agony, most children would never think twice about eating a hamburger. We were never told the reality behind the yummy hamburger, perhaps if we were it would be difficult to finish our meaty meal.

That is the problem. We all grew up being force fed meat without knowing the reality behind it. Sure, maybe at age six we learn what a hamburger actually is, but at this point we've practiced denial and now can experience cognitive dissonance. You're likely to experience cognitive dissonance when your beliefs or habits are challenged with information harmful to your ideas. This results in anger, denial and justification; something I see all to often when someone is presented with the reality of the meat industry and the effects it has on your body.

It's easy to have cognitive dissonance when it comes to consuming meat. Society has done a great job at hiding the realities of it from the public. Notice that we almost always refer to meat products as a name totally different from what it actually is? It allows us to consume meat without actually thinking what it's made of. Hamburger= Ground up cow. Hot dog= Ground up pig. Pepperoni= ground up pig. Sausage= ground up pig. Bacon= pig. Steak= cow, etc. Before you point out that they don't do this with chicken (such as Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, chicken nuggets, and so on), it's likely because most poeple have less attachment to birds than they do to more familiar and "cute" creatures.
This may be a part of why we have denial when facing the reality of the meat industry.

Please watch some slaughterhouse videos (though you will only find vintage footage, as it's illegal to record in a slaughterhouse. Hm). After/if you finish a slaughterhouse video, you will be brain #1 pictured above. Let some time settle, you'll get hungry, and soon be brain #2. It doesn't matter what information is presented to you, because you've been trained to let your body's desires outweigh your mental willpower. And you thought you were a strong person

(On the topic of strength and veganism: It's a myth that all vegans are skin and bones, you obviously can still consume carbs or natural sugars, which will create more fat on your body. Plus, is it so bad that a vegan is thin when the majority of Americans are obese? Also, very strong vegan body builders exist. You can also find obese vegans, I've literally met a 300+ lbs vegan. This is because they consuime technically vegan foods, which are processed and awful for you. Things like sour patch kids, chips, some cookies, etc. There are many different body types when it comes to people who eat "vegan". It's all about what you're consuming, plant based being the best.)

If you would like to continue eating meat simply because it's yummy, you're more likely enjoying the seasonings added to it, such as the, flour (carcinogenic), oil (carcinogenic), salt (too much contributes to high blood sugar), sugar (carcinogenic), smoked/charred (carcinogenic), rather than the actual meat itself. Next time you're hungry, simply bake your meat of choice without any added seasoning, no dipping sauce, etc. It wouldn't be something you'd like to eat everyday anymore. If we were truly carivores, why don't you eat raw meat? All carnivores love raw meat and eat it with joy - but you surely don't. An actual carnivore would jump and fight for a fresh piece of raw meat. However, you only like meat when it's cooked and seasoned. Not very natural for a carnivore.

The meat industry is notoriously inhumane by its very nature. Suppose there were a more intelligent species of humans who embodied special abilities us normal humans couldn't possess. The only thing these intelligent species allegedly need to survive is the meat of humans - so they have dedicated breeding farms where the males are expendable, and the babies are instantly taken away from the mothers, and then the human babies are raised in a metal cage that is barely big enough to fit their body in. Most of these babies will have trouble walking, if able to walk at all, due to being stuck in a crammed cage their entire existance, muscle was never built to support their body weight. Once the baby grows up to be an acceptable size, they drag all of the human children to a slaughter house and cut the throats of the fully conscious children one by one, waiting for the child to bleed to death, all for the more intelligent species to eat. Who cares about the humans? They are less intelligent than the superior beings - therefore it's only justified their lives are sacrificed.

Except this shouldn't be a matter of who is more intelligent or not. A dog is less intelligent than a pig, yet we choose to murder the pig because it's what's been normalized in our society. How trivial - especially when people who own pigs as pets constantly describe them to act like dogs. We have been brainwashed to think farm animals are nearly brain dead, which is why they're good candidates to be subjected to torture, such as being trapped in a metal cage, never to see the sun, except when being transported to be boiled alive. Here's an example: Did you know pigs are not actually filthy? The real reason as to why they're depicted in mud is because their skin gets incredibly sunburned from being exposed to the sun for so long, the only way to mask it is with mud.

Returning back to my point of a more intelligent species farming humans... While human sacrifice is indeed a practice among occult politicians and celebrities, it isn't as prevalent in our culture as animal sacrifice. (Though it is possible "elites", who are only elite on this low vibration illusion we call life, are farming young children in underground military bases, your average person is not aware of this knowledge like they are of animal farms.) From the comparatively small amount that's been exposed of satanic human sacrifice, everyone freaks out over "How could these sickos do that to children?!!!" and yet go on to enjoy a steak. Cognitive dissonance.

This is where your next argument probably comes in: But we NEED meat to survive. You do not need meat to survive. This is the #1 argument that meat eaters believe. If this was true, going vegetarian or vegan would be a death sentence. Yet, people who adapt a plant based diet (no meat, no dairy, no processed foods) live longer and have FAR less ailments such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and much more. In many cases, switching to a plant based diet will not only prevent such illnesses, but help cure things that are told to be incurable by doctors, such as cancer and diabetes.

However, if you're interested in consuming foods that link to cancer, meat is a fantastic choice. Thanks to the poor conditions the animals are kept in, antibiotics and hormones are given to the cows, pigs, and chickens in order for them to survive in these uninhabitable dirty and cramped conditions. It also promotes weight gain - though perhaps being in a cage your entire life that barely fits your body in is another factor to gaining weight. And here's what happens to animals who don't grow enough, resulting in less money...

"Piglets that don't grow fast enough—the runts—are picked up by their hind legs, they are swung and then bashed headfirst onto the concrete floor...Called ‘thumping.'" -Pig farm worker

Since your yummy meat is injected with antibiotics and hormones, you will now be consuming those very same antibiotics and hormones. Perhaps it would be a good idea to learn just what these to do your body, especially since the meat industry is responsible for 80% of all antibiotics sold in America. With the over consumption of antibiotics, it becomes easier to build resistance to the effectiveness of antibiotics to treat infections; meaning a simple infection that can typically be treated with antibiotics can fail and lead to your death. Early onset puberty has become increasingly more prevalent due to hormones being in foods such as meat and in dairy. It should be no surprise that these hormones also link to cancer.

So while you may claim that you NEED meat to survive, I would never consume something injected with antibiotics and hormones. All you need to know as to why these hormones aren't healthy: Mansanto manufacturers bovine growth hormones. Perhaps these hormones a contributing part of low sperm count, as Bill Gates, a large investor of Monsanto, has repeatedly parroted about how "we" must lower the population. It seems like there's something more at work here, which I will mention much later in this manifesto.

Often when you try to research the affects of hormones and antibiotics found in meat and dairy, you will find studies confidently stating that no such affects come from using these additives. However, always look at who funded or conducted these studies. Most of the time you will see that it's from Tyson or Monsanto.Often when you try to research the affects of hormones and antibiotics found in meat and dairy, you will find studies confidently stating that no such affects come from using these additives. However, always look at who funded or conducted these studies. Most of the time you will see that it's from Tyson or Monsanto.

It's also a practice to boil animals alive in scolding hot water. Again, these are fully concious animals.

"These hogs get up to the scalding tank, hit the water and start screaming and kicking. Sometimes they thrash so much they kick water out of the tank... Sooner or later they drown... I'm not sure if they burn to death before they drown, but it takes them a couple of minutes to stop thrashing." -Slaughterhouse worker

Did you know that when you're purchasing a chicken that weighs more, you're also paying for the fecal matter it's soaked up during the processing of it's body? If you think this is a problem that is so minimal that it wouldn't possibly affect you, fecal matter is found in 95% of chicken breasts. Here's what a federal inspector says about this:

"We often see birds going down the line with intestines still attached, which are full of fecal contamination. If there is no fecal contamination on the bird's skin, however, we can do nothing to stop that bird from going down that line. It is more than reasonable to assume that once the bird gets into the chill tank, that contamination will enter the water and contaminate all of the other carcasses in the chiller. That's why it is sometimes called ‘fecal soup.'' Source.

These birds are allowed to soak and absorb the fecal soup for up to an hour. This results in the muscles weighing more, meaning the meat industry makes more money with each sale. This is the important thing to note. The meat industry is solely about money. The lack of ethics for the animals and your health couldn't be any more apparent. If this means soaking chickens in their own shit to get more money - so be it.

You're willing to pay up to $10 for a few chicken breasts soaked in shit. Don't tell me that eating vegetables/being vegan is expensive. A 20lb bag of rice that can feed a family for a month doesn't cost much more than a pack of literal shitty chicken breasts. Your family will go through that in one dinner.

This brings up the next problem when it comes to being vegan. The media co-opts movements (such as plant based/vegan diets) that threaten the cycle of "illness = money" and detachment from consciousness from the things around us, such as animals. Contrary to what the media has told you through repeated news stories and articles, Veganism is NOT expensive. Imitation foods, such as Beyond Meat, Morning Star products (interesting satanic name for a fake meat product. The satanists have had this fake mean plan for a long time - it is literal soylent green) are laughable for actual vegans. Yes, imitation meat and dairy products are expensive. But what person interested in health would want to consume soylent green? (Most fake meats are made up of pea protein isolate and soy. Soy = Soylent. Green = Peas are green. Movie was set in 2022, a year when most stores and fast food carry fake meat.) If you are actually interested in health, eating processed fake meats (also funded by Bill Gates), should be out of the question. Fake meat is just a pawn in the game for the people who like to call themselves the "elites".

So no, being actually vegan is not expensive. If you're eating actual strictly organic vegetables, nuts, fruits, and legumes, you will find that you are spending much less money. When you start buying packaged processed foods, vegan or not, your bill will rack up very quickly. These cooperation processed box foods are very expensive, have horrible ingredients, and you always get very little. You also become addicted to the ingredients in these foods (such as sugar and corn syrup, which is in nearly everything. Get in the habit of looking at labels and you will see what I mean). These additives hijack your mind to crave sweet things, and soon you will be eating a lot more processed foods than you actually should. Your stomach is also likely stretched from eating horrible processed foods, which is why you're always hungry and never satisfied.

When eating strictly vegetables, you can soon become satisfied with much less. It's a misconception that vegans are frail soy boys. There may be some, but those ones are likely consuming cooperate "vegan" foods. The soy vegans are bowing down to the cooperate vegan - the one controlled by people like Bill Gates. There are many vegan body builders. One of the sexiest ones being John Rose.

Speaking of cooperate vegan, the media has made sure to make even hearing the term "vegan" laughable. I firmly believe that Peta is a psy op. You will see Peta in the media once in a while with a new extreme statement or stunt. That's why everyone rolls their eyes when they hear anything regarding Peta. Most vegans should be ashamed of this psy op which has succeeded in making vegans seem like unreasonable radicals. As an example, one statement recently made by the Peta was claiming that the children's video game, Animal Crossing, was harmful to animals because you have animals as neighbors and you can fish in the video game. This is obviously an extreme statement and most people agreed, as it gained tons of negative attention online. People are shockingly stupid and will believe that Peta is genuine in these statements. Are you one of those people who believe obvious glowie stunts?

Veganism isn't about virutal signalling. If you're a vegan and rub it in an "holier than thou" sense to everyone, you are vegan for the wrong reasons. Veganism is about having a clean body that is rid of diseases caused by processed foods. Some people prefer the term "plant based" rather than vegan. Veganism is also about not supporting such cruel torture to innocent animals. It's sad that a lot of you who will read that sentence laugh. I urge you to really consider how your meat is sourced. Please move past the cognotive dissonance phase of "psh, I don't care. I watch slaughterhouse footage and I love meat still." This simply cannot be. Why would you then at the same time hate satanists for consuming babies, or Asians for having dog meat markets? But it's okay for you to consume a living being?

Also, yes I understand that plants are living and I still consume them. However, there is a measurable difference in conciousness from a strawberry and a pig. A pig can feel love, joy, and play. They can also feel pain, torture, sadness, and confusion. Picking a fruit does not kill the whole tree. It's the tree that is living more than the fruit it produces. This is why fruit hangs off the vines/branch, to be easily plucked, and is colored brightly so it's visible and why psycologically, we react positiviely to brighter colors. It's becuase we're programmed to seek fruit which are brightly colored so we can easily find the food we're supposed to eat. This is why fruit is also sweet, so it's more pleasurable to eat (it's rare I hear someone admit to liking the taste of raw meat, let alone trying it). This is also why there are seeds in fruit - so once we consume the fruit we digest and poop the seeds out whereever we traveled, to produce more trees elsewhere.

To live on Earth we all must consume some deceased thing, be it an animal or plant. I have come to the conclusion for me personally that we are not made for eating animals, especially not with how they're treated, and so plants are the most ethical and healthy option. However, I do not agree that anger and shaming is the way to communicate your concerns or views on this subject. I understand why people enjoy eating meat, as I used to love it. However, I slowly realized for health and ethics, it's not the path for me. In my personal experience, I feel much better physically AND mentally and am much healthier since making small changes to my diet.

If you're still craving the meat of helpless animals, do yourself the liberty to at least not have your meat be filled with cooperate juices, such as antibiotics, hormones, fecal matter (found in much more than just poultry, by the way). Raise an animal from it's infancy until it's about 25% through it's life span, and while it's still conscious, slit it's throat and let it bleed out - just like the employees of slaughterhouses. I know, it's tough to bring yourself to murder an animal so you can enjoy a meal. It's much easier to have it done behind closed doors by workers and push out the fact that you're eating meat that is filled with carcinogens and was raised in horrific conditions. The taste outweighs the ethical and health effects for most people.

Most of us don't want to murder our own animals for food, let alone work at a slaughterhouse. If you faced the eyes of a gentle cow who you've grown to bond with over a few years, only to murder it while it's still conscious, you, sir, are a sociopath. Employees that do work at slaughterhouses are forced to desensitize themselves from murder each day. They hold the lives of 45 animals per minute at their very hands. Meanwhile, a psy op "white supremacist" that is probably some FBI agent's son shoots up 4 people at a Walmart and it's all over the media. Needless to say, the vast majority of these slaughterhouse employees have developed PTSD, substance abuse to drugs/alcohol, emotional withdraw, and domestic violence.

From the book Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry: "The worst thing, worse than the physical danger, is the emotional toll. If you work in the stick pit [where hogs are killed] for any period of time—that let's [sic] you kill things but doesn't let you care. You may look a hog in the eye that's walking around in the blood pit with you and think, ‘God, that really isn't a bad looking animal.' You may want to pet it. Pigs down on the kill floor have come up to nuzzle me like a puppy. Two minutes later I had to kill them—beat them to death with a pipe. I can't care."

There is much more to the issue of this holocaust we all choose to ignore. Please consider what you're funding, which is the suffering and torture of innocent animals who's lives were tortued and stolen from them for the monetary gain of big cooperations - all while making you sick. Do not fall for the cooperate vegan. They will give you a false idea of what it is to actually be vegan. Fake meat/dairy is poison funded by Bill Gates, and only leading us one step closer to a soylent green society. Eat truly organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts. It will be cheaper than your current grocery store trip. Train your mind to be strong and overpower your body's desires for "yummy" food. In turn, you will also be much healthier. There is too much suffering coming from the meat industry, from torturing helpless animals to poisoning you, it is all far from necessary.

The solution: Try cutting meat and dairy from your diet. This is the healthiest option for you and doesn't fund the elite's animal sacrafices. I understand it's difficult to drastically change your diet overnight, so I'm not asking you to do this. Instead, try cutting things out little by little. If you make a drastic change and go vegan overnight, you are likely to relapse into eating meat. However, if you make small managable changes, you are much more likely to adapt to these changes and stick with it long term.

I used to be a literal fast food addict in 2017 & 2018. I would eat most of my meals out - a horrible and expensive way to live. I gained weight, I would have frequent breakouts on my face, and my bowel movements were way too large for a woman my size (under 5' tall). See how much literal waste comes from eating processed foods?

This is NOT a joke. Those are actual pictures of my fecal bowel movements when eating mostly fast food and processed foods. I understand processed and fast food is awful for you, I'm not saying this is a shocker, but I just want you to see the effect it has on the body. Now that I eat clean, no meat or processed foods, my bowel movements are small in size, meaning my body uses much more of what I consume. Imagine how many chemicals were sitting in my colon for hours, hours, and hours when I was passing those stools. Perhaps this is why so many people end up with colon cancer - chemicals being in processed food then sitting in your colon for hours each day.

After realizing how awful the health affects of processed foods were, I decided that I would no longer eat out and start preparing all meals at home. After I got used to doing this, I decided to cut out all meat in my home meals EXCEPT on the occasions I would go out and get a pizza. I almost completely cut out meat and was fine with that. I still occasionally ate a sausage pizza. Once I was used to this, I cut out the sausage pizza and was fully meat free.

Repeat the same process with dairy. Dairy means all types of cheese, animal milk, and eggs. The dairy industry DOES kill animals, so being vegetarian is unfortately not good enough. However, I think if you source your eggs ethically, you can still eat eggs without much worry of your health. Keep in mind that "cage free" and "free range" are just buzz words used on packaging. The regulations to include those terms on your packaging are laughable and are not ethical by any means. Slowly cut out dairy from your diet. Prepare all of your meals at home, excluding dairy from your at home meals. Only eat them if you occasionally eat from a restraunt. Once you're used to this, completely cut them out. As I mentioned, you can try to completely cut out all meat and dairy overnight, but it will be unlikely you will stick to it long term, as you haven't built up any habits around your new diet. If you want long term success, try phasing out meat and dairy.

I think some mass shootings/bombings are a psy op. They are Sanatic rituals perfomed by the elite, coopted under the guise of an extremist

Violence is never the answer. I firmly believe that harm and pain is NEVER the solution to changing people's minds. You should never cause pain prove a point or to sway someone's opinion. Violence is never the answer. I would like to think that the majority of every-day people feel similarly. Often times when I see these gross acts of violence towards innocent people, it's only an action sick individuals with an agenda would take. I personally believe that these highly televised, media pushed, mass shootings are false flags. It creates division and created negative energy to a huge mass amount of the population, which the elites litereally feed off of. A lot of times with these huge mass shootings, there is a train of unanswered questions or details that simply do not line up with the story. This is not to say that all shootings are staged, but I do think that there are a number of highly publicized shootings in which the details do not line up, and legisltations are pushed through much quicker, and squeezes the population of negative energy.

Elon Musk is a government sugar baby who is the "trump savior" equivilent for zoomers. Elon Musk isn't COOL, he's a puppet scamming grifter who pushes World Economic Forum agendas under the guise of being a cool guy

Elon grew up very wealthy. He was not brought up like you and I.

If you're an Elon Musk cum eater, then you've probably heard that his father owned half a share of an emerald mining company in Zimbabwe. Elon claims via Twitter in 2019 that this was "BS", that the father didn't own a mining company and Elon worked his way through college. Implying he is totally self made.

However, the stories are not lining up. His father says says he bought "half an emerald mine" for 40,000. Since our society is all about cancelling people for their past actions, we should probably highlight that it seems ethically wrong in today's society to be a white person who makes a large amount of money from black Africans who are in horrible working conditions that get paid pennies compared to the white owner. I guess soyboys are all for equality, EXCEPT when it goes against their god, Elon Musk. (Oh and maybe child labor in these mines are also a little wrong? Could just be me, though.)

His father confirms that Elon grew up watching his father sell emeralds around the world. Sounds like that emerald business had a bit more impact that "just half a share". (Story found here: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/elon-musk-sells-the-family-emeralds-in-new-york-2018-2) How many of us at AGE 16 were able to make $2,000 in an afternoon just by finding a few expendable things in our father's room? Elon sure had that privilege. According to the father in this same story, Elon, then age 16, and his brother took some of their father's emeralds while he was asleep and sold them to Tiffany & Co. in New York for about $2,000. They then went back the next day to discover that the diamonds were on a ring and being sold for $24,000. Sounds like a fabricated story to make Elon gain cool boy points - but that's not the important thing.

The important thing is that the father had emeralds that seem fairly disposable if the children see no problem in taking them and selling them without the father's permission. Sounds like that emerald mine thing was not only true, but he must get a nice amount of money by selling emeralds around the word, and obviously emeralds are expendable to you if a few emeralds mean nothing to you and your kids can take them and sell them without your permission. Aside from the emerald story, his father is also an engineering consultant. Consultants are KNOWN for being legal scammers and money launderers. This is why politicians always run so much money through "consultants" - it's a clean way to launder money. Basically, Elon is not like you or me. Most of us aren't growing up with fathers who own shares of an emerald mine and are engineering consultants.

Point is: Elon is not a self made man. He is funded by government grants for his many projects - many of which become abandoned projects despite receiving so much government funding, or project complete days get pushed off for YEARS, with promise of it "coming to life soon.... In another few years... well, actually another few years". Regardless of how he is funded now, let's just focus on his upbringing. According to this same story, his father says, "We were very wealthy," "We had so much money at times we couldn't even close our safe." "And then there'd still be all these notes sticking out and we'd sort of pull them out and put them in our pockets." Sure sounds like Elon grew up your average guy.

This is a tactic they use to make you idolize a billionaire pushing the WEF agenda. They make you think they grew up just like the rest of us, trying to minimize or even hide the fact that they had wealthy parents and were funded along the way. (Trump is the god savior for boomers. Elon is the god savior for zoomers). They're all just sides which push an approved WEF agenda.

Musk aquired tesla, did not create it. He invested millions of dollars in Tesla in the early 2000s and paid his way up the corporate ladder, becoming the company's CEO in 2008. He eventually fought one of the company's true founders, Martin Eberhard, for the title in a 2009 court case. If at first, you don't succeed, complain and sue until you do!

Tesla received an undisclosed amount of stimulus from the governemnt during Covid-19, yet he tweets how he belives "Another government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people imo [in my opinion". Aah, rules for thee but not for me. Yes, this sounds like he'll make the perfect ruler!

Sorry but it's a lot of work writing a manny. I have a lot more opinions (all of which are correct opinions), so I will exand on the below sections here and there.

Read this if you believe there is no god.
This one question changed my entire reality.
Life after death is real and here's how I found out -- please read.
(This isn't about the Christian God, the Bible, or any god.)

If you are someone who is rigid in their ideas and are closed to opposing ideas, please consider reading this - just to learn what other ideas are out there. I used to be someone so closed minded that I would deem the following information crazy. However, I have asked important questions which made the rabbit hole go deeper and deeper.

The one question that opened me up to spirituality was, "why is there SOMETHING instead of NOTHING?" I want you to ask yourself the same question and honestly think about it. Why do we have a physical world around us instead of... nothing? Even if you believe in something such as the Big Bang Theory or evolution, the question still stands. Why is there something instead of nothing?

This question almost instantly made me realize there is some sort of creative force. I am not saying this is the Christian God most people in the west associate with the word God or the idea of a creative force. I respect anyone's belief in their own God, and a few years into my spiritual journey I too believed in the Christian God. However, further research has brought me to the conclusion that the majority of religions are given to us like a prescription depending on your region in the world, with no one religion being the full truth. In fact, I believe that religion is almost a ploy used on us, so we don't look further into spirituality. It gives a nice answer to the basic spiritual questions we have, without digging into deeper questions. Almost like a bandaid to cover a wound instead of a healing agent for the wound. There is a huge point as to what changed my beliefs in religion later, and it might be enough to question your beliefs as well.

I am not saying what I have learned is 100% accurate, and I am not saying that this is exactly what I believe to be true. From my few years on my spiritual journey, I have collected information from many people's personal accounts along with different ideas among different cultures. I am still continuing to learn and my ideas will never be fully formed because new information, ideas, and experiences will continue to come to me. With all that said, here is what I have learned so far.

After asking myself the question, "Why is there something instead of nothing?" I immediately started looking for answers. I thought the best place to search would be those who have experienced life after death. There is a tremendous amount of people who have experienced life after death, and many people are afraid to share their experiences because the majority of people think anything outside of our physical reality is pure crazy. I was willing to learn from NDE personal accounts, even if that meant I would ultimately oppose the information. I ask you to do the same.

The thing I see most among those who have had NDEs is that their experiences are often very similar. I highly recommend reading some very interesting personal near death accounts on NDERF.org, or you can listen to personal accounts from IANDS. From personally reading and listening to perhaps hundreds of these experiences, they all follow a very similar timeline.

The person's physical body dies. If someone has died in a hospital with family members nearby, the person will be confused as to why everyone is crying around them. The person thinks, "Hey I'm fine! I'm right here, I'm not dead", only to realize that they can move outside of their physical body, they can pass through walls to different rooms and even hear what those around them are thinking.

You may be thinking that NDEs are a malfunction of the brain, but I have read many accounts where people who have had an NDE tell the doctor/family member exactly what they were thinking when they died, only for the doctor/family member to be completely shocked. The same can be said for when the NDEr travels to other rooms and can describe what was happening in a different room when they were pronounced dead. NDErs also describe feeling much, much, much more conscious when they leave their physical body. If an NDE was a malfunction of the brain, then reading other people's thoughts and traveling to other rooms would be impossible. Blind people are also suddenly able to see once out of their body. There's a lot more to this than a simple failure of the brain.

Soon after the person realizes they're dead, they ascend to total darkness. Everything around them is completely dark - and then a pinprick of light in front of them turns into a huge tunnel of extremely bright light. This light is so bright that it's said it is hard to look at. The light also gives off an overwhelming sensation of love and peace. Sometimes people may see their loved ones (sometimes passed loved ones, sometimes living) in front of the light. Other times people may see angels, a God that they have faith in or are familiar with. I have read accounts where people ask the being in front of the light questions. I have read from a few different people that the being can shapeshift to take a different form, the being is honest that it will shapeshift to any form which makes you comfortable. (This is concerning for reasons I will get into later). The being also communicates telepathically, through thoughts. Your thoughts will also be communicated telepathically to the being.

The being will give a different message depending on your experience. Sometimes the being tells people the words, and a lot of the time it is this exact phrase, "It is not your time. You must go back", and the person's soul is slammed back into their body. Other times, the being will usher the person into the light.

Once in the light, the experience can differ even more depending on your life experience. However, one of the most common things to happen is the being will show the person a life review. I have read MANY accounts that the life review is shown on a 360 screen, often times many screens all around you showing a review of your life. The life review is shown from the perspective of the people you've interacted with. You will be in their position - feeling the way you made them feel. Often times this leaves the NDEr with a deep feeling of regret and shame. However, they clarify that the being is not judgmental at all. I will expand on this part specifically later, so keep this in mind.

It is at this point that the NDEr is sometimes shown more of this realm, often presented heavenly, yet the heavenly world is still physical without the limitations of our physical world here. People describe beautiful fields, beautiful colors unimaginable to the colors we have here, buildings so tall and detailed that it would be impossible to replicate here on Earth. However, there are also very hellish experiences people have had during their NDEs. Hellish experiences are pretty rare, but they do exist.

Now - I am NOT saying that these NDErs are in heaven. I am saying that they typically have a heavenly experience. I have a take on this I will get into later - I do not think the heavenly experience is what it seems.

While in the heavenly experience, the person is given a tremendous amount of knowledge about the nature of our reality. The person can ask so many questions and the beings are patient with even the most basic of questions. One of the most important questions asked is "Why are we here? What is the purpose?" The answer given is something along the lines of this: The Earth is a school for our souls. We're here on Earth to learn about ourselves, to have unique experiences, to grow our soul. The goal is to be kind and generous to everyone. Once we teach our soul thoroughly through multiple incarnations as being a human, we can live beyond the physical Earth world.

The beings are said to be kind during the questions humans ask, so much so that they didn't realize how many questions they were asking. People often say that there is no time in this realm. It's almost indescribable as to how time functions there, but from reading many of these experiences, it seems as if a lot can happen there in a very very short span of time here. I'm saying something like 5 minutes here could be years in that realm, but again, time is not existent there. Time is something we here here in the physical, and once we're released from the bounds of physicality and it's limitations, things like time no longer exist.

After the NDEr has experienced some of this heavenly realm, the being then either says the person must go back to earth OR some people are given a choice on if they want to stay or go back. If the person chooses to stay, their soul will no longer be able to go back into their physical body, and will officially be dead on the physical Earth.

When being sent back, the beings say they must wipe your memory of all the knowledge they gave you. This is why a lot of NDE accounts say they learned so much, but they can't remember any of it. The most the beings will allow them to remember is meeting the entity, being shown a heavenly place, and their life review. The beings sometimes tell the person that they are allowing them to remember the NDE so they can share their experience with as many people as possible.

People describe falling back in their physical body, calling it a "meat cage". It feels very weighted down, limiting, and depressing. In fact, a lot of NDErs have a very hard time functioning with every day life after their experience because of the amount of love and peace they felt in the heavenly realm.

Please don't take my word on these accounts. I highly recommend you listen and read to personal NDE accounts to get a better picture of people's experiences. Many follow a very similar timeline as the one I laid out, but others experience much more unique encounters.

Now, leaving your body, going into the all loving light, meeting benevolent beings, such as your passed on relatives, your God, a ball of loving light, sounds pretty fantastic. I used to be pretty drawn to reading near death experiences because they give off a really positive outlook to what will happen after you die. It helped me better myself, specifically the kind beings would promote being as positive as you can to other humans, so you can better your soul and better other people's experiences. Overall, the NDE seems like a really pleasant and positive experience. People who have had NDEs say they no longer fear death, and in fact, are looking forward to being back to that place. Overall, it seems like an overwhelmingly positive experience. Once again, I ask that you read and listen to personal NDE accounts. Even though I have since moved on from seeing NDEs as positive, which I will cover in the next section, it's still important to have a good background in the subject, as it gives you insight into your true powers outside your physical body, insight into other entities outside our physical Earth, etc.


Throughout most major religions, the idea is you come to Earth, perform the tasks recommended in the religious book, then once your physical body dies, you ascend to a higher realm. What this realm presents itself as differs from each religion, and what you expect also depends on each religion. Some people believe they will see Jesus, some believe they will see Muhammad. Some don't really think about religion or spirituality, they don't really have a belief. But when they die, they will likely see a figure they are most familiar with, such as a family member or religious figure they didn't particularly believe in, but were most familiar with.

If I told you there are shape shifting entities living on Earth, would you believe me? I'm guessing your answer is of course not. And you would say I'm crazy. This is because you're used to physicality and the limits within it. As proven by people who have had NDEs, or people who have exited their physical body through any means, whether by accident via meditation or by intention and practice, it's clear that there are other conscious beings other than human who have specific powers. For example, the being in the NDEs are honest with the fact that they can shape shift into any appearance they please. They claim they will take on the shape to whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Our brain is a decoder - this is mainstream science. It decodes information that is presented to us. Did you know that our brain can only decode a VERY small amount of information that is actually around us? I'm talking less than even half a percent. Our brain can only decode only a very small amount. However, some other animals, such as dogs and cats, can decode slightly more information than our brains. This is why we have so many instances of animals growling at what looks like nothing in the hallway. Or a cat running away from what looks like nothing. They can actually see something we're not able to see, because their brain can decode more.

With this in mind, what information is going on around us that we can't see? If you think I'm crazy, let me give you a common example. Take Wifi. Wifi is not visible to our eyes, yet it is broadcasting information all around us. We know it's there, but we can't see it with our eyes. If we were to take a man from the 1890's and tell him this, he would look at us like we're crazy, saying how it's impossible, only because it's unfathomable to him. Why then, could it be impossible to have other information not visible to us, but is all around us? Are we letting the unfathomable limit us and how we perceive information?

At the end of the day, all things and information on this reality are energy frequencies being decoded by the brain. Energy frequencies are measurable and have an interesting impact on our reality. For example, words and ideas give off a certain frequency. A really interesting example is from Masaru Emoto's studies. He found that presenting certain information (such as a word) to water, the water when crystallized will give off different patterns. Each pattern reacts differently to each word associated with the water. Imagine a drop of water in front of you, then saying "I love you so very much!" to the droplet. When crystallized, the water will have a very beautiful pattern to it. Now imagine a new drop of water and saying, "I hate you and I want you to die". The crystallized water will be very ugly and misshapen. This is because information, such as words and ideas, present an energy. This energy clearly has an impact depending on it it is positive or negative energy.

Music is the same. Masaru Emoto did this experiment playing different types of music and seeing the impact on crystallized water. Here are some results.

This is to show you that words, ideas, actions DO have a frequency which we can see impacts our reality. Also with the example specifically, keep in mind that our body is made up primarily by water.

Anyways, now you have a basic background on energy, our brain decoding information, information beyond our vision, and seeing the impact of frequencies on our body. Now, if I told you there is another race of entities that are not human, would you believe me? It seems pretty likely, after reading about all knowing beings from NDEs, and considering how much we can NOT see. Well, among many different cultures and many different religions, there is a good force and a bad force. There are many different names for this negative force, and you may already be familiar with some of the names for this force. Some religions call it demons, djinn, archcons, these are different words describing the same thing. It's a negative force using humanity for the benefit of them.

Why would a negative force be among us? Well, most of the negativity brought by these negative forces is to make human souls feel negative. These negative entities literally feed off of negative energy, just like you and I consume nutrients for food, they consume negative energy. I understand this sounds like crazy talk, but it's actually true. I would like to expand on this specific topic more, as I understand it may sound crazy hearing this for the first time.

How is this evil force seen in our every day life? Negative energy needs to be created somehow, and these negative forces work hard to make human souls feel stressed or otherwise negative. This is why in the news you almost strictly see negative news stories. This is also why movies and TV shows are primarily filled with themes of horror, murder, drama, anger, revenge, discrimination. These days, we often see any positive stories built upon some sort of negativity, such as discrimination or victim mentality. Unfortunately, a lot of popular media whether it's the news or entertainment is filled with negativity.

This is also exactly why our society and lives are laid out the way that they are; it all ties back to creating stress or negative emotions among humans. It is impossible to live our lives freely. We are forced to work, forced to participate in a government ruled society. If we choose to live outside of those means (ex. living in a shack in the middle of the woods), you will beMost people are stressed about money, stressed about going to their job, stressed about not having enough time for themsevles due to work, stressed about school, stressed about finding a job, stressed about rent, the list could go on and on.

In regards to manufactured negativity, I also think this is why health is totally manipulated. Instead of promoting actual cures, the medical industry far prioritizes the "band aid" technique. What I mean by this is doctors will far prioritize writing prescriptions for illnesses instead of providing cures, not only because the doctor makes a commission on each medication prescribed, but also because many medications do not actually cure the issue in question. Many medicines simply make some symptoms go away, while the actual illness or disease is still present. A big example of this is diabetes. I have seen countless diabetes commercials pomoting some way to help supress the side effects of diabetes. What's ironic about these commercials is that the potential side effects are endless, on top of being deadly. Have you ever listened to one of these prescription medication commercials? It's insane. The end result of prescribing these medications is that the patient still has the illness in question, is taking medicine with a list of side effects, and the patient continues with the unhealthy habits which may be contributing to the illness, because they were never told otherwise. The medical industry creates a cycle of harm, stress, and pain. They often times shun any natural alternative and doctors who promote other methods of healing that do not invovle pharmacuticle companies. Many people are victims of the highly profitable pharmicuticle companies. Much stress is involved in this specific industry, as people must pay high amount to recieve what they believe is an antidote for their life. However, many times their illness proceeds, resulting in more stress.

The negative entities presence varies from person to person. Some people may encounter these negative entities for most of their waking life. I'm sure you're familiar with Schizophrenia. The mainstream has painted Schizophrenia as a mental illness in which a person has gone completely crazy. According to the mainstream, Scizophrenics see things that aren't actually there, hear voices that aren't actually real, and are paranoid for no reason. However, I do not buy this mainstream story. I always thought that schizophrenics were seeing things they were not supposed to see. I recently came across Jerry Marzinsky, a retired psychotherapist with 35 years of experience in his field. He discovered that schizophrenia is not what it is commonly portrayed to be. Upon working with many different schizophrenics, he realized that they all said very similar things in common. The conversations the schizophrenics were having, seemingly to themselves, were as real as a conversation you and I could have. They would talk for a bit, stop and pause to listen to what "the voice(s)" had to say, and respond to the voices. When Jerry asked the schizophrenics what the voices said, all schizophrenics had the same experience in common. The voices encouraged them do take harmful actions on themselves and others around them. The voices berated and mocked the patient, and most importantly, any positivity was met with mockery and demoralization to the patient. The voices are a constant line to complete negativiety and mockery to the patient. Some say that the voices sound like they're their own thoughts, and others say that it is definitely an outside force communicating these thoughts to them. What I found interesting is the more Jerry researched into the voices specifically, I realized how closely it ties to the negative entities who manufacture negativity. This is exactly what schizophrenia is. Patients started opening up to Jerry Marzinsky about the voices, revealing that the voices admit themselves they create negativity as a way to feed off of their energy. One patient had successfully rid themselves of the voices through Jerry's suggestions. The voices came back later, and the voices were different that previosuly. Why is this? Because the voices admit that if they do a poor job at making the victim feel negative, they are sent by higher ranking entities to something called "the pit". I haven't learned what the pit is, but I can imagine it is a severe punishment. Other voices/beings are sent to harass the victim, and the victim knows that these are different voices than the previous ones. The truth is stranger than fiction. I understand that if you are someone who has never looked into the nature of reality, this sounds like complete crazy talk to you. However, the more and more you look into the experiences of people from different cultures around the world, the more things start to click together. I encourage you to read/listen to the works of Jerry Marzinsky, as his work is very interesting to learn about and he does a far better job at explaining what he's experieced first hand.

Other ways people have experienced these evil entities is through something called sleep paralysis. This is a pretty common experience to have, and once again, sleep paralysis can vary from person to person. What essentially happens is that you will wake up from your sleep, totally unable to move. You can see, but your body is completely stuck. You can not move your fingers, talk, nothing. During this time, people have seen many different things. If someone sees or feels something, it's typically very fightening. I guess you could call them "demons" or negative, scary entities. Some people report seeing a black figure being totally still and staring at the person. The figure has glowing red or green eyes, and a hat. A lot of people have talked about seein gthese entities specficially, and feel a negative force coming off of them. Other times people can feel a huge pressure on their chest, like someone is intentionally pushing their chest down with a ton of force, yet, the person cannot see anyone doing this. It is clear tha there is some negative force trying to hurt or scare people when they are vulnerable. I recommend reading or listening to people's personal accounts of sleep paralaysis, as they can do a better job describing what they saw and felt, as they have experienced it first hand.

These negative entities are more prevelant in negative Near Death Experiences. I have noticed that throughout perhaps the hundreds of NDEs I've read and listened to, those who have negative hellish NDEs fit into a certain box. One being that the person was very negative in their everyday life; maybe they have anger issues, are constantly stressed, or are overall always in a negative state. Another thing I notice about hellish NDE experiencers is that they often times are athiests, meaning they do not believe in a god or any higher power. I do not necessarily mean that they do not abide by a popular god, such as the Christian god. What I mean is that they are very materialistic thinkers. They do not believe what we cannot see, they are very mainstream scientific thinkers who must physically prove something exists before they can entertain a thought or idea. This thinking typically leads people down the path of being an athiest, rejecting any ideas of outside forces, whether it's a god, higher power, other entities, spirits, etc. The last thing I notice about hellish NDE experiencers is that these experiences are much more likely to occur if the person has "died" during a surgery in which they took anethesia. I am not sure why this is the case, however, it is something I've noticed. Drug use and drug overdoses are also much more likely to present a hellish NDE to you. I will stop here, but I want to write more about the hellish NDEs, shape shifting entities during NDEs, life trap, etc.

Symbolism shows you who controls our reality.

Soon I would like to write about Saturn's role in our reality and why we often see Saturn represented in media.

Stop using social media. You are the reason why everyone else uses it. THERE ARE SOLUTIONS TO CENSORSHIP. Cell phones are literal government trackers. You can function in our current year without a cell phone. Please read my technology page, in which I describe how you can strip yourself from the controller's approved platforms and take steps to reclaiming your digital independance. Read here.

Reptilians are real. You have been brainwashed to think our physical reality is all there is, that only humans such as you and I are the only intelligent species.

Please read the sections on this page titled, "Read this if you believe there is no god. This one question changed my entire reality" and then "SHAPE SHIFTING BEINGS, SOUL RECYCLING, AND THE SATURN MOON MATRIX". Both of these will give you the foundational knowledge as to why I started to realize that there is something on this Earth that is beyond just humans. The majority of people say, "I think there is something else besides just us humans. The universe is so vast and large, there has to be something". Well, as crazy as it sounds, there are creatures that roam this planet that LOOK human, but inside, are made up differently than you or I. Please read the sections I mentioned. I am still writing the second section, but I encourage you to use the information provided and research this subject more for yourself.

I am also making a collection of occult symbolism and representation seen in the media, which includes reptillian representation. Check out that page here. Please note that that page is not fully done yet. My website is always a work in progress, so I may write ideas down that are not fully formed yet. Check back, as I will update them periodically.